How To Know If A Website Is Safe For Payments

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Currently, shopping online is something that people use daily, but there are still people who distrust these methods and with good reason. Well, there are ways to detect that a website is trustworthy or not. Platforms such as ensure that each paid transaction for users is safe and effective, and they also use some of the parameters that you will read below. 

Digital commerce and Internet shopping are increasingly being used, as well as the possibility of finding practically everything on the Internet, coupled with the convenience of having it brought to your home and being able to find somewhat cheaper prices. When it comes to paying for our digital purchases, there are different payment methods that we can use, but what are the safest online payment methods? In this post, we are going to tell you about them, so that your purchases are completely safe online. 

How To Choose A Secure Online Payment Method? 

If you have ever made or been about to make a purchase online, you will have seen that there are usually several options available to pay, from online payment methods without a card to payment through some platforms. So it is easy for you to wonder what is the safest payment method on the Internet. 

The truth is that there are several secure forms of payment online, you just have to look for them, inform you about them and see which is the one that seems most appropriate or adjusts to your needs and possibilities. 

In addition, legal sales pages have their own security mechanisms to prevent our bank details from ending up in the wrong hands (remember, the address of a secure site will begin with HTTPS and will have the padlock icon on the left side of the toolbar). And a good sign that it is safe to pay in them is that they have several forms of payment so that you can choose between them. 

Make Sure Where You Buy

First of all, and before making any purchase on the Internet, search the Internet for the name of the company from which you are going to make the purchase. Visit their website. The first impression is important. If the web looks worked, with an attractive design, it is a good first sign. 

In addition, with a simple online search, you will be able to see the degree of satisfaction of previous buyers, their comments, as well as the level of trust of the company. Another very quick clue about the credibility and trust of a website is the secure purchase stamps on the Internet and that most pages usually place either at the end of the main page or on the payment page. 

VeriSign Secured, TRUSTe, Euro-Label Spain, or Confianza Online are some of the best known. Also, companies such as Visa certify the security of payments on many websites with their own seal. 

Online Payment Methods That You Can Find More Frequently 

There are various forms of payment for online stores that you will be able to choose from to finalize your purchase. In general, the online payment methods that you can find most frequently are the following: 


PayPal is perhaps one of the best-known and longest-running forms of online payment. This payment platform emerged to be able to make purchases on the Internet without having to enter your bank details and today it still works that way. 

It works in a simple way, you just have to create a user account and associate your credit or debit card or your bank account with it and you can now make your payments through PayPal. 

Despite its commissions, it is still one of the most widespread payment methods and practically any e-commerce or online store accepts payments by PayPal. Sometimes you can charge a commission, but it is not always applied. 


Stripe is another online payment platform that, unlike PayPal, is directly integrated into the e- commerce website, that is, when we make the payment through it, it will not send us or open another website as PayPal does to enhance the payment. This makes it a faster and more comfortable payment method, but without neglecting security. 

To use it, we do not even need to have a Stripe account, it will be enough to have a valid credit or debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. 


One of the things that can put people off when shopping online is that they must pay upfront for the shipment to go through. This generates distrust because they do not previously see the status of the product. To overcome this obstacle, you can use SeQura, a payment application that allows you to pay for the product purchased in e-commerce up to 7 days after the order is shipped, without additional costs. 

SeQura also allows you to divide payments into 3, 6, or 12 months, paying only a fixed cost per month, or defer payment until the following month. As with PayPal, you will not have to enter bank details in the online store where you are buying if you use SeQura as a payment method. Currently, it can be used in more than 2,500 establishments. 

Secure Your Purchases 

Life is not what it was before the arrival of the pandemic and there are changes that have reached the new routine to stay, as a sign of progress and that we are walking towards the future. This happened with our way of consuming, which has been transformed to make way for online shopping. 

If despite these simple tips you are still reluctant to buy over the Internet, the companies themselves such as Visa or MasterCard usually offer insurance to make purchases online. You can also go to your bank since many of them offer specific cards to make this type of transaction on the Internet. 

Finally, we recommend that you do not do your shopping outside the home (in hotels, internet cafes...). Install a good anti-virus on your device (be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and keep the firewall activated, thus preventing someone from seeing what you are doing. Make your purchases and payments safely on your own private secured WiFi or smartphone signal. A VPN is a smart investment as well to protect your privacy from hackers.

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