How A Sales Route Planner Can Increase Efficiency And Profitability

sales route planning increase selling efficiency crm

Have you ever thought about how much time an average salesperson spends in a car or how many miles they cover throughout their career? 

One of the most crucial things shaping the performance of the entire sales of a company is having the proper software. The right sales software can import lists of the sales lead’s addresses, and can also keep track of upcoming meetings, and can prioritize visiting clients based on availability, time constraints, or importance. This, in turn, helps sales professionals to optimize the whole route for efficiency and profitability. 

With that in mind, here is how outside sales representatives can utilize a sales route planner to plan effective sales routes using advanced software program technology. 

Schedule Long-Term With Weekly Planning 

You can make optimal schedules and routes weeks in advance, considering important constraints that a field sales team would need. For example, you can restrict a salesperson meeting to a specific time window only when a client is available. 

Record Notes, Reminders, Or Impressions For Any Meeting 

Another awesome feature of a sales route planner is recalling your potential clients’ important details or information when you arrive at the meeting. Just think of how this personal data can help you when selling. These useful data points can include anything from the name of their pet or child, their favorite sports team, or another minor detail about their life. The information is essential for a salesman to help close the deal, enjoy repeat business, get referrals, or upsell.

This customer data can be included as notes in a sales route planner and pulled up by the sales rep as they arrive at the next meeting. This increase in personalization can help to close more deals, which can increase the efficiency of your outside sales operations. 

Never Get Lost Again Or Arrive Late With Turn-By-Turn Navigation 

After a set of stops or meetings are planned, a manager could send the sales route directly to their sales teams in a surrounding area right on the mobile app of a sales route planner. Choosing the next assignment allows a field salesman to use turn-by-turn directions directly within the SaaS application. 

Utilizing this feature saves a huge amount of time, and allows the sales reps to skip manually putting addresses and creating their own route. This guarantees that your sales reps utilize the most optimized and efficient route possible and lowers the possibility of human error throughout the day, which can also cause things such as car accidents

Make The Most Of High Priority Meetings And Fit In Drop-In Visits If Possible 

One of the best things about using a sales route planner is that it allows the field sales manager to prioritize their planned meetings and VIP clients to ensure they get seen in due time. Then, the low- priority clients can be planned for when sales reps have free time. 

Plan Service Areas To Effectively Distribute Leads Among Sales Reps 

Sales route planning allows a sales manager to automatically allocate territories to sales reps according to a particular location that they cover. A sales route planner will then distribute the new meetings and leads based on those areas. That enables the sales reps to become more efficient and achieve more while keeping a solid relationship with clients and establishing a better rapport. 

Keep in mind that planning a multi-stop sales route does not have to be a challenging and tricky process with a huge amount of manual work involved. With a sales route planner, exporting and importing a selection of leads from your CRM will allow you to create an effective route considering all of these important factors. It's time to sell smarter with a strong CRM software solution!

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