Car Stereo And Window Tinting Industry Top Trends To Trick Out Your Ride

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You love your car, but don’t you wish you could make a few awesome upgrades? If you don’t know where to improve your automobile, window tinting and car audio installation are the first things to consider. 

Look at how you can revamp your ride for the coolest car on the block. 

Get Your Windows Tinted For Privacy And To Prevent Sun Damage 

When you’re driving, you spend a lot of time in the sun. Fortunately, there are several window tint options available to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Check out these two tints to save your skin. 

● Carbon Window Film 

You’ve heard carbon is in a lot of products like jewelry, mechanical pencils, and batteries. But, did you know that carbon can be used on your car’s windows to block harmful UV rays? Not only that, it comes in a smokey, matte-finish that looks super sophisticated. 

● Ceramic Window Tinting 

This is another item you wouldn’t think to use for windowing tinting. After all, ceramics are usually opaque and impossible to see through. However, when ceramic window tinting is applied, the ceramic particles are so small that they are invisible to the human eye. In fact, ceramic window tinting increases your level of visibility. 

● Tail Light Tinting Is On-Trend For 2022 

Everyone knows you can tint your car windows, but tail light tinting is the newest trend enhancing your car’s appearance. This is when your tail lights appear seamless, smokey, and dramatic. Just be sure that your tail lights conform to all of your state and local laws, or you could find yourself with a hefty fine. 

● Smart Film Tech For The Latest In Window Tinting Installation 

This high-tech film can apply to any smooth glass surfaces, and provides instant sun or tint at the push of a button. A conductive layer separates two designer chemicals, and when you apply a specific amount of voltage to these chemicals, it moves ions from one side to the other. The result is blocking light or letting light through at your convenience. Now, that’s a serious upgrade to your window tinting installation game! 

Virtual Assistants With A Unique Voice 

Have you ever noticed that all the virtual assistants sound the same? Well, not anymore. Sound systems brands and auto manufacturers are investing in their own virtual assistant voice tech. That way you can have a unique experience in your car. 

Not only that, smart sound systems are also using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate music that you’ll love. This is all part of a greater push for an easier drive with incredible infotainment options. 

Digital Dashboards And Virtual Cockpits Customized To Suit Your Needs 

Not only are modern car audio systems ditching the compact discs, they are making your favorite music easier to listen to. You can link up your preferred streaming services and charge your digital devices. 

Improved infotainment centers are also the latest in car audio installation. You can find systems that have Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and have voice control to make your ride to work even more enjoyable, plus large touchscreen interfaces for easily controlling your vehicle’s features. 

Noise Cancellation For A Calm Ride To Anywhere 

How many times have you been on a call in your car and had to pause your conversation because of noise pollution? Automakers have been trying to nail down the precise formula for the quietest drive possible for years. They’ve finally figured it out! 

Old systems for noise pollution used to weigh down your car and affect your fuel efficiency, because most of the noise-cancellation techniques used were through bulky, specialized tires or insulation. Now, noise cancellation systems strategically place two to six microphones throughout the interior of your car that actively measure and respond to outside noise. 

This means you can have better control over voice commands, hands-free voice calling, and more audible conversations between you and your passengers. 

Great Car Audio Tech In Older And Less Expensive Vehicles 

Perhaps one of the best things about the advancement in audio technology for cars is that it’s becoming more available for everyone. For instance, automobiles that would normally have just basic sound systems, like the VW Passat, are now coming with infotainment systems and higher quality speakers as a standard feature. 

Older cars stuck with CD and cassette players can also upgrade their sound system, because manufacturers like Pioneer and Sony are making head units that cost well under $500. Just be sure to always contact a car audio installation expert before ever attempting to install your own car audio system. 

Always Seek An Expert When You’re Ready To Enhance Your Car’s Features 

With all the information available on the internet, it’s tempting to reach for your toolbox and perform enhancements to your car, truck, or SUV on your own. However, many modern vehicle upgrades require refined techniques and special tools. 

In order to make sure your customized car stays intact and working the way you want it to, always seek the guidance of an experienced professional before you make any modifications to your car.

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