3 Social Media Recruiting Strategies To Hire Top Talent

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In today's competitive job market, finding the right candidate can be a challenge. This can be done through various channels, all with their unique strengths and weaknesses. One of the best ways to find talent for your company is by using social media. Of course, there are endless ways to utilize social media, but we have narrowed it down and created three strategies you will want to try out! 

Top 3 Social Media Recruiting Strategies For Finding The Best Talent

1. Never Skip Out On Using Video 

Video is one of the best ways to connect with people. It is also a potent social recruiting tool. Social media allows you to create both organic and paid video ads that will reach audiences all over the world, which can be perfect for your company if you're looking for international talent. 

Making sure that recruiting videos are high quality is key! You want them to grab attention right away, so they don't scroll by without giving it a chance. Including employment branding messaging in any video content helps make connections between this job opportunity and potential candidates' lives outside work, too - after all, who doesn't like seeing themselves on TV? Posting these types of videos consistently throughout different channels (e.g., LinkedIn) ensures top placement within an audience's feed as well as newsfeeds and can result in increased engagement and recruitment success. Another great way to connect by video on social media is through online video interviews. With video interviews, you will handle more interviews in less time with a low overhead cost. 

2. Have A Questionnaire Setup 

Social Media platforms like Facebook allow you to set up questionnaires for people looking to join your business page. So if you have a business page on Facebook that you use to support your social recruitment process, then it is imperative that you have a detailed questionnaire for the page. Anybody who wishes to join your page has to first complete the questionnaire. This will help you get rid of spam and uninterested people. Many people just tend to like such pages without realizing what the company is looking for. People who are qualified to work in your business and are actually passionate about the job will definitely take the time to read and answer each question very carefully. This may mean fewer followers for your page, but it is definitely a quality over quantity model that is bound to help you find the top talent in the market. 

3. Showcase Your Friendly Yet Professional And Goal Oriented Culture On Social Media 

With the advent of LinkedIn and other social media platforms, it has become easier for companies to showcase their culture. Companies can post pictures and videos that show what it's like to work there. They have a less formal means of communication with employees while also being able to set up an interview process on social media, so they don't miss out on top talent. Furthermore, if your company already uses LinkedIn as a recruitment platform, then you should definitely take advantage of the career page feature which will allow you to add jobs that are available at your company. It is not just about posting job openings but creating more awareness regarding the qualities required for people who wish to join your team. Many people don't reach their full work potential because of the limitations imposed by the organizational culture. A toxic work environment is one of the primary reasons for mental issues and why people leave jobs. So when you showcase how good your company's culture is, the top talent in the market will be more than happy to switch to your company. 

One way to quickly build a large talent pool is by using social media as your company's hiring hub. This allows potential candidates to find out about open positions at your organization and follow along with the recruiting process. In addition, social media platforms are constantly evolving, so it's essential to always stay up-to-date on the latest trends. With these three strategies in mind, you can boost your recruitment success and land top talent for your company online and offline! 

Smarter Social Recruiting

Social recruiting has shown that it is the present and the future of the recruitment process. However, if you don't know where to start your social recruiting process, CareerArc can help you. We at CareerArc are determined to help you find the best talent in the market, and we are well equipped with the proper social media knowledge to help you with the process.

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