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You are a personal injury specialist or personal injury lawyer, for example a personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam (in Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam). Of course you want people with personal injury in Rotterdam and the surrounding area to come to you for the recovery of personal injury. For example, after a traffic accident or industrial accident. 

In recent years, the internet has become increasingly important for people with injuries as a result of an accident. After all, there is a lot of information on the internet about recovering a personal injury claim. It is precisely this group of people, who are looking for a personal injury lawyer, that you want to reach with your website. 

Attracting people with your website does not happen automatically, a good SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEA / SEM campaign is necessary. Here you will find some tips to attract people to your website as a lawyer or attorney specializing in personal injury cases. 

Make It Clear What You Can Do For The Injury Victim 

People who visit your website need to know what you can do for them. A highly legal text in which you mention the various articles of law is not of interest to people. They will quickly leave your website and look for relevant information on another website. 

Is your goal to have people call or e-mail to your office, make it clear what you have to offer the victim of a traffic accident or industrial accident? Do you want to recover personal injury claims for people? Then write in the text that you help to obtain personal injury compensation (in Dutch: letselschade vergoeding) and state how you do this and what people are entitled to, for example compensation for loss of income, help in the household and compensation for medical costs. 

It is therefore important: clearly state in your text which services you provide with your law firm or personal injury agency! 

Make Sub Headings With Relevant Topics In H1 And H2 

A personal injury victim can be injured in various ways. For example, there can be a car accident, someone can be hit as a cyclist or there is a dog bite. 

People often do not know that they are entitled to personal injury compensation in all types of accidents. It is therefore very important to indicate on your website in which situations you can help someone. So indicate this well. 

The most well-known accidents that cause injuries are traffic accidents. But this is a broad concept. And in some countries special laws apply. It is therefore good to work on a page about traffic accidents on your website with headings under which you tell something about the various traffic accidents such as a bicycle accident, a car accident or a dog bite (in Dutch: hondenbeet). 

In some countries, special rules apply in the case of a traffic accident. In the Netherlands, for example, the general rule is that the person who caused the accident is obliged to compensate for the personal injury. But there is also an exception. For example, cyclists and pedestrians who are hit by a car always receive compensation for injury, even if they caused the traffic accident themselves! It is precisely these details that are interesting to include under a separate heading in the text under h1 or h2! Take advantage of this! 

Links In The Text 

If you have written a lot of text and have landing pages, then it is also wise to use this. You can do this by placing links in your text that refer to other landing pages that you have created before. For example, if you are writing a text about what to do after an occupational accident, it can be useful to refer to a landing page that you have written on the subject of personal injury compensation. 

In addition to referring to your own pages with a link, it may also be wise to refer to another website, for example of the court or the Bar Association. As long as they are websites that benefit the reader of your page. The reader will then stay on your page longer and may also contact you to handle a personal injury case. 

Be A Legal Pro And SEO

Overall, SEO is now essential for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms to stand out from the legal competition on Google and other top search engines! Keep these search engine optimization strategies in mind to ensure extra keyword ranking and organic traffic to your personal injury practice.

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