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best digital signs for business modern signage

Does your business use signs to advertise? Signage is a great way of advertising your business, just as it is a method of keeping people informed. The world has come a long way in the past few decades in terms of digital technology, and now digital signs are becoming far more commonplace in businesses as well as on city streets. 

When we talk of signs in cities you may think of those advertising in lights in Times Square, New York or Piccadilly in London. Companies often think of basic billboards, banners, stickers, and PVC signs. That’s not the sort of signage we are talking about here, but it’s not far removed. Digital signs are not just used for advertising, and as we shall see they are the most versatile form of signage that has even been used. 

What are digital signs, who uses them, and why might you consider one for your business? These are all questions we will answer in the short but informative article that follows on modern signage for advertising. 

What Are Digital Signs? 

If you want to see some examples of digital signs Calgary - National Neon Signs is a local business that manufactures them and has plenty of information on the website. So, what are we talking about when we say digital signs? We’re talking about an innovative, interactive and versatile method of getting a message across, one that can be used as a sales tool or as an information point. Using LED, LCD or – more commonly – plasma screen devices the digital sign becomes much more than a simple sign. 

What Types Of Business Use Digital Signs? 

Practically any business can use digital signs to great effect, and they are becoming a regular feature in high street stores as well as on the high street itself. We are increasingly seeing digital signs in cities and towns offering information on public transport, for example, or in the form of interactive maps. They are also on-board buses and trains and give out information on upcoming stops, delays and any other details. 

In your retail store you could use digital signs to display a menu, for example, changing over a set period so the customer can see everything on offer in each category. It could also be used as a moving window display that will invite people in. Digital signs can present very clear and concise information in an attractive fashion that grabs the attention and keeps the consumer watching while the pages change. 

Digital signs are also used widely in the travel industry. In airports, for example, they can be used to display up to the minute information and also find this use in railway stations, bus stations and other transport hubs. We did say these digital signs were versatile, after all! 

Are Digital Signs Expensive? 

Digital signs carry the cost of the technology behind them but if you compare to a modern neon sign they are not expensive. Mass production technology has brought down the price of plasma screen devices, which are rapidly becoming the most popular form of digital sign. Furthermore, they are cheap to run as they use very little energy, can be programmed easily are superb to see in action. 

Whether you want a digital sign for your shopfront or for an in-store display this is the way to go, and we strongly recommend you look into the subject further if you believe you can benefit from installing digital signs in your shop, restaurant or showroom. They will make a large difference in your local marketing strategy and regional advertising. 

Signs Of The Future

The future of digital signs is assured as this is the technology that takes things forward, so check them out now for more information and to see if there is a model for you. It's time your business saw the sign that it's time to adapt digital signage!

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