7 Top Internal Employee Communication Tools

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Now, there are hundreds of internal employee communication tools that colleagues can use to communicate with. 

However, the only issue many employees might face is knowing which one they should be using and for what purpose. 

So, in this article, we'll look at some of the best internal employee communication tools that can come in handy during communication. We'll also be knowing about the uses and benefits of each of these top company communication tools and software programs. 

7 Top Internal Employee Communication Tools

Forums And Intranets 

Intranet is a term that refers to a private network that is connected to the internet. The primary purpose of this centralized channel is to serve internal communications among employees where they can share, gather, and even access various kinds of information. 

Therefore, Intranet can connect employees with their colleagues and management regarding various corporate whereabouts. 


● As intranet is a private community, it permits sharing various personal information within the organization or company without providing access to outsiders. 

● It's online, so it enables members to collaborate. 

● It can store files such as spreadsheets and documents, making this communication tool pretty convenient. 

● All communication is public, ensuring that information is pretty accessible to each and every team or department member, fostering a more productive and united work atmosphere. 

Instant Messaging Tools 

Instant messaging program tools enable instant communication and help with the instant transmission of images, text, videos, and various web links to other members of your company. It's a more natural way to communicate with your employees and management. Moreover, it closely resembles the communication tools we use in our personal lives, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 


● An active method of asking queries and even sharing information 
● Lower volume of email inboxes 
● Open conversations can be carried rather than private email communication. 
● The access to both audio and video calls is pretty straightforward and even accessible across different locations. 
● It can even share photographs, videos, and documents all in one location. 

Digital Signage 

Digital signage is well-known for placing and strategically arranging screens. It is one of the rarely known workplace communication tools. Why? Perhaps due to being one of the few passive ways of internal communication available. 


● Information may be updated and even quickly distributed - there's no need to wait for design or printouts. 

● Existing data, such as Zendesk customer service statistics or even the number of followers on your Facebook page, can effortlessly be connected to the screen via apps. 

● Employees can consume all kinds of information from these screens, and they are not required to read handbooks or even open an email. 

● Screens can also be programmed to display a variety of contents at different times. 

Collaboration Tools 

A collaboration tool is an application that enables users to access it to collaborate on a project, note, or even contribute feedback. 

The way collaborative tools are accessed has shifted with the arrival of Cloud-based softwares. 

Numerous modern collaboration tools provide simultaneous access to multiple users and save different versions as the project changes or progress. 


● Allows many users to get access 
● Real-time feedbacks 
● Simple to revert and make changes to the projects 
● It can store all the project notes in one place. 

Employee Social Networks (ESN) 

Employee Social Networks (ESN) is a new method of communication within a company or an organization. 

Businesses can even benefit from public social networks to enable employees to connect and discuss work-related subjects. 

Like many other communication tools, employee social networks overlap with other communication tools like instant messenger and workplace intranets. 


● Imitates natural behavior - the majority of employees are active users of social media in their personal life. 

● It even provides an instant method to ask for feedback, advice, or collaboration on different assignments and projects. 

● A method of building community among employees who don't even work in the same office. 

● Transparency can be increased by sharing employee recognition and project updates. 

● It's also a forum for employees to discuss various common interests. 

Video Chat Tools 

A video chat tool enables multiple people to connect via the internet, voice call, or even video call. 

Skype, Zoom, Google Meet are all examples of video chat tools. Internal communication is frequently defined as transatlantic communication when multiple teams are spread across different nations or offices. 

Teams that must communicate on a regular basis require these tools to have more effective communication. 

Without virtual meetings, teams are limited to written communication, and sometimes you need to speak face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) to give an idea. 


● Assists employees in visual connecting 
● Provides everyone with the same tool for adoption 
● Mostly free or might charge a meager cost than actual phone calls. 
● Cloud-based 

Team Bonding Tools 

Many businesses consider internal communication as a top-down process, including the company's directors to even its employees. 

Employee communication is conducive to producing excellent work. That is why it is critical to have tools that actively encourage people to interact more efficiently. 


● Assists employees who may not frequently communicate in establishing connections 
● Increases job and project roles visibility across the company 
● Establishes a stronger bond between employees 
● Improves communication 

Internal Company Communication Conclusion 

Internal employee communication tools are indeed essential for building a better engagement with colleagues and management. 

However, it can be challenging for many to find the right corporate tools to proceed with internal communications. 

So, after reading this article, you'll now have a better understanding of the best tools you should use for having better communication with your colleagues throughout your company. Communication is often the key to company success after all!

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