Top Factors In Determining Child Support Amounts

factors determining child support amounts

Although there are several different laws regarding child support that depend on the state where it is taking place, there are core issues that many of them tackle. A local child support attorney can easily break down extensive spreadsheets and laws into layman terms, so we're here to give you an idea of the common factors you may run into. 

Custody Bearing Parent 

Depending on the state, either parent may be awarded total custody or shared custody of a child/children. If the child/children in question happens to spend more time at one home than the other, it is likely the parent that spends more time with the child is the individual who receives child support payments. If time with the child is equally split between both parents, it is likely that no child support will be requested by the courts. 

Custodial And Non-Custodial Parental Income 

Today, it is less likely for one single parent to care for a child and receive complete support. In many cases, income earned by both parents is combed through. If one parent makes more money than the other parent, they will likely pay more in child support to balance the budget for the child. If one parent is making less money than the custodial parent, they will have to pay for some of the support. 

Daycare And School Costs 

In the event a child must attend daycare so one of the parents can earn a living, the cost of such care will be included in the child support. However, one should not expect to have their child placed in the most expensive educational pursuit and assume the other parent will foot the bill. The cost of childcare should remain with the family's previous standard of living. This also applies to private schools or parochial schools to the age of 18. 

Children In Household 

A complex calculation is utilized to determine not only how much it costs to raise a child, but also how many children are living in the household. This cost includes rent, utilities, and any other service that could be shared by everyone in the home. A single parent taking care of one child could receive higher support in comparison to parents living with several children. 

Out-of-Pocket Expenses And Healthcare 

Non-custodial parents are expected to share the child's required medical expenses. Any elective procedures could be part of the child support agreement, which depends on court findings in parental agreements. And co-pays and insurance premiums, such expenses can include counseling services, first aid, and OTC medications. 

Alimony To Custodial Parent 

If the other parent and you have gone through divorce, any alimony that has been paid to one party is taken into consideration. However, the income is not part of the child support. Alimony is intended to compensate for marital asset loss and help maintain one's standard of living. When it comes to raising a child, it does not cover the cost. 

How Child Support Attorneys Can Help 

Child support attorneys help the child receive the financial support it needs to live a fulfilling life. When in court, the child support attorney represents you to help win your case. A great child support attorney can almost ensure a swift victory. 

Child support attorneys also take on such roles as: 

- Investigating and assessing living situations. 
- Participating in both arbitration and court cases. 
- Documenting and obtaining relevant information regarding the child and the parents. 
- Alerting relevant parties of court records. 
- Obtaining hearings. 
- Providing data and facts in order to back up an advocate's claim. 
- Expressing and identifying a child's wishes. 
- Offering court suggestions on what's best for the child. 

Some child support attorneys operate as special education advocates, meaning that they can represent the children (with special  needs) and the parents in the event there are disputes with school districts over their treatment and care. This ensures that public education is adequately received (which is a requirement by law). These advocates assist children and their parents or guardians so they can recognize their access to services and legal rights. 

Child support custody cases are oftentimes complicated and frustrating, which makes child support attorneys incredibly essential in determining how much assistance a child receives from both parents to live a long, happy life. 

Child Support Costs Conclusion

Considering the information above, there's a lot that goes into consideration when calculating child support. Thankfully, we're here to make this process less confusing for everyone involved. Contact us today for further information on child support calculations and how our skilled child support attorneys can service you.

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