4 Pillars Of An Effective SEO Strategy

pillars of seo strategy effective search engine optimization

Digital Marketing has taken many forms and shapes over the past few decades. From basic and archaic progress to highly advanced technical transformation, several techniques have emerged from time to time to ensure websites’ success. The most noteworthy, in this regard, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a way to optimize content for a better ranking on search engines. According to expert estimations, it is found that organic research brings around 51% of traffic to a website, and this traffic is a product of the right SEO strategies utilized by the website maintainers. 

SEO Shift

With more and more businesses shifting to the online platform, the competition to bring maximum organic competition to the website has become tougher. However, the structured utilization of SEO pillars while strategizing the content has proved to be extremely beneficial. There are hundreds of variables and factors which may affect your website's ranking. Simply using keywords in the content is not very fruitful, and keyword stuffing spam is considered black hat if it even works at all. However, at the same time, excessive attention on finding out all of these SEO page rank variables would waste time rather than fetching results. Thus, some of the significant and widely considered focal points in SEO, collectively known as SEO pillars, should be considered. 

What Are The Four Pillars Of An Effective SEO Strategy? 

Whether you follow all the rules or decide to just optimize it via some methods, each process offers its own advantages. Leading SEO Company Pixelstorm suggests, if you want to optimize your content according to the latest SEO techniques and methods, refer to the following four major pillars of SEO. 

1. Technical SEO 

In the simplest possible words, technical SEO refers to the ability of your content to be visible to the search engine tool. The search engine algorithm, commonly known as a crawler, is designed in a way that it looks at the searched keyword in the content over the web. Thus, technical SEO identifies the crawled and indexed results fetched by the content on your website. 

When the viewer searches for a query, the crawler algorithm brings the web pages that contain the required information. If the search engine tool finds the query in your content, the website’s technical SEO is working completely fine. Similarly, the content management system of the website ensures the triumph of its technical SEO. If the website does not load faster, the viewer will lose interest; hence, it should be quick and responsive. 

2. Content Optimization 

The relevance of the content on your website with the query asked by the viewer majorly decides the website's success. As the content is the real reason the viewer is on your site, it should provide value and required information to the reader. The viewer judges and assumes about the writer’s mind based on the content the site offers. Thus, if the content is not impressive, the reader will not turn to the website again. 

The content of the website is easy to optimize, considering that the writer knows how to manage its various factors. For instance, the long and short tail keywords play a great role in fetching the right viewer to read the content. Thus, a goal-oriented, well-composed, and leading piece of content is bound to fetch organic results. Similar to this, a blog that is well equipped with references, friendly to the audience, and answers the desired questions brings forward successful results. Alongside this, using the right images with compelling text is sure to impress readers and make their return to your website time and again. 

3. On-Site SEO 

On-site SEO optimization refers to the utilization of relevant keywords in the composition of the content. Additionally, it requires varied items to give heed to that include using the right keywords, a well-composed meta-description, applying the correct header tags, internal linking and the effective use of structured information. The level of content optimization on the website and HTML makes the viewer's navigation on it easier. Thus, the right keywords bring the targeted viewers to the right webpage. This is done only when the content creators are well aware of the viewers' language. 

4. Off-Site SEO 

To fetch organic ranking, it is mandatory that the website is successful in external link building. Connecting your website with external links tend to bring organic traffic, which is ultimately the purpose of off-site SEO. The backlinks come in three versions, including the natural links, manually built links, and self-created links. Thus, while choosing the external links, one has to give importance to its popularity rate, relevance to your content, trustworthiness, the authority of linking it, and the anchor text of the second website. 

Website connection with everything relevant ensures its off-site SEO optimization. The right amount of external links increases the chances of traffic moving towards your website. Eventually, enough quality backlinks enhances the viewer count, leading to the recognition of the website’s content. Even though ranking factors of the website are dynamic and keep changing with time, off-page SEO optimization still is the most relevant ranking factor because all the actions performed by the audience outside of your website determine the success rate passively. It is a trustworthy pillar of success, and anyone who gets a pro at managing the off-site SEO can rank his website well. 

SEO Like A Pro

Ranking the website high on search engine optimization decides its success. Although there are innumerable ranking factors, they all boil down to the four pillars of SEO. Thus, utilizing these search engine optimization pillars in the right manner ensures that the moment a viewer posts a query on the search engine, your website will pop up in front of it. With that being said, the website must contain relevant information, quick loading speed, a mobile viewing version, and the perfect blend of the SEO pillars to bring results.

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