Rabbit Meat: How To Choose And What Are The Benefits

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At all times, the attitude to rabbit meat was special. Indeed, on the one hand, it is a real dietary product. On the other hand, it is the production of meat and meat by-products that is affordable at its cost, which allows you to receive a stable income. Throughout the world, the amount of rabbit meat per year is still inferior to traditional chicken and beef. 

Experts believe that the main reason for such a low amount of consumption of rabbit meat is the low education of consumers, the lack of proper advertising and the small production capacity. But it could be exactly what your personal diet or restaurant business needs.

The Benefits Of Rabbit Meat 

As mentioned above, rabbit meat has high dietary and organoleptic characteristics. Delicate, juicy and aromatic rabbit meat surpasses all other types of meat in its vitamin and mineral composition, contains a large number of essential amino acids and easily digestible protein and a minimum amount of fat. 

The calorie content of rabbit meat is at least two times lower than pork and one and a half times lower than beef. And therefore, it is recommended for use by children, nursing mothers, as well as people suffering from various metabolic diseases and atherosclerosis. Moreover, rabbit meat contains fewer allergens, does not accumulate decay products of pesticides and herbicides, which are often found in the meat of cattle that feed on grasses from cultivated fields. And most importantly, rabbit meat has a surprisingly low content of "bad cholesterol", which is called the culprit of cardiovascular diseases, almost 3 times less than pork or beef. 

How To Choose The Best Rabbit Meat 

According to the rules governing the quality of products supplied to retail and catering, rabbit meat must meet the following standards: 

-The meat must be fresh, pale pink in color, free of mucus and impurities; 

-The carcass must be washed and free of skin remnants or fimbriae from muscle tissue. 

How To Store Rabbit Meat Properly? 

Of course, it is best to use chilled meat, which retains all its beneficial properties. However, you should bear in mind that the shelf life of such a product is no more than 5 days at a temperature of 0 to 2 ° C. Frozen meat should be stored at a temperature not exceeding -12 ° and not more than 6 months. 

Rabbit Meat Recipes 

Rabbit dishes have a special place in the cuisine of many nations of the world. Due to its extraordinary organoleptic properties, rabbit meat is considered a favorite product of gourmets, since in modern conditions farmers get ecologically pure meat. In terms of the variety of recipes, rabbit meat is not inferior to other types of meat. Rabbit meat is fried, stewed, boiled, and excellent pates are made from it. It is enough to list the names of national dishes to understand the full breadth of geography. The famous baked rabbit in mustard is a dish that is usually served on the table for guests in Poland, the rabbit stuffed with porcini mushrooms and chanterelles was tasted by Russian tsars, and in France they prefer roast with truffles or a dish with the original name "morning rabbit cheese". In Bulgaria, they like to cook stuffed rabbit with apples and nuts. You can find other rabbit meat recipes on food bloggers pages, or if you know more recipes be the one and create a cool and colorful website and share your receipts. 

Another way to engage your audience is through video. Share receipts with video, create educational and informative videos, engaging clips about your team or behind-the-scenes of your daily work. This is the best way, because people like to watch more than reading. And before making your videos read about video marketing, to make your video receipts more interesting. 

Rabbit Meat Considerations Conclusion 

Considering all mentioned benefits it’s important to remember that rabbit meat can be harmful when consumed in large quantities, since it contains purine bases, which are converted into uric acid in the body. This, in turn, can result in the development of arthritis and gout. It is necessary to refuse the use of rabbit meat if there is an individual intolerance to the product. It should also be borne in mind that when amino acids enter the body, they increase their strength and acidify the environment, which is undesirable for certain diseases. 

If there are no contradictions, include this soft delicate rabbit meat into your nutrition at least once a month and enjoy it! Rabbit meat will be your new favorite food, or it could help your restaurant business really stand out!

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