How Retail Brands Can Leverage Influencer Marketing

how retail brands leverage influencer marketing social media retailer advertising

How hyper-competitive your retail sector can be is an important question to answer when determining your marketing strategy. Retail business owners are always searching for the most innovative ways to boost company sales and acquire new customers. One common strategy that most brands are using to gain a competitive edge is called influencer marketing. A study found that social media influencer marketing can generate 11 times as much return on investment from traditional marketing forms. That can save a flailing retailer from going out of business in an age of ecommerce and restricted brick and mortar shopping.

Retail Reboot

The retail industry has been facing its most dire challenge and many businesses need a retail reboot from social media influencer marketing exposure. Mostly these retailers give different discount offers to their customers to gain more profits. If you get confused about the discounts at the time of purchasing, use the discount calculator to figure out how much discount you get after applying the sales tax and discount on the specific product. If you're still thinking about using influencer marketing for your retail business growth, you are at the right place. Here are some of the effective strategies retailing companies can offer to your customers: 

Offer Discounts Codes

One of the most common ways to boost your influencer marketing conversions is to use discount codes. Share the unique codes for your products with each influencer you work with and request them to use these codes in their sponsored content. In this way, you can encourage them to make more purchases. Discount offers give a win-win situation for your brands and influencers also. 

Influencers always give something back to their regular and loyal followers with the chance to earn commissions. On the other hand, your organization can get a revenue boost from discounts. The discount calculations might be complex for you, but using an advanced discount calculator can help you calculate the discount of the purchased item. Just ensure that you still make a healthy margin on the products being sold at discount rates, while factoring in the price you are paying influencers if that is the case. 

Share Affiliate Links 

When you request your influencers to promote your brand products by giving them unique affiliate links, these links work the same way to give customers discounts. If a customer purchases something by using these links, they will get discount offers on purchasing, and the influencer earns some commission on customer purchase. You can determine the discount with the assistance of the best sale percentage calculator. 

Showcase Influencer Testimonials 

If your influencers promote your business so, their followers can perceive your brand more favorably. The reason is that their followers trust the influencer's recommendations immensely. You get leverage of this trust even when your campaign has ended. Showcase the testimonials of the influencers on your website and social media platforms. It can make your organization more credible. You can also give discounts to your new customers on different products. If you have not so much money to buy more than one or two products, then a discount calculator can help you to know how much money you saved after making purchases. So that way you can buy more items without breaking the bank. 


For retail businesses in need of advertising, the influencer market can open a way to new opportunities. It can help you get customer visibility and you can also target a specific audience beyond your limits. Discount offers can play an important role in making more profit. You can choose the strategies mentioned earlier for the growth of your retail company. It could be the difference between flailing or failing and succeeding during tough times for retail companies.

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