Trading Simulator Apps - The Gaming Industry's Gift To Aspiring Crypto Traders

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The gaming industry has given us plenty of games we can enjoy in our free time. In addition to that, the industry has provided us with various parts for our PCs as well upgraded versions of consoles so we can enjoy the games better. It’s thanks to the marriage of the industry with tech trends that it has evolved in the past years. 

In other words, gamers have powerful PCs and consoles today because technology evolved. Moreover, simple things like mobile phones became new gaming devices and have their own gaming market because the gaming industry chose to incorporate the tech advancements. 

There are various other trends the industry is aware of and looks to implement. Cryptocurrencies are already available at some online gaming vendors as viable payment methods. But they have influenced game developers in other ways. 

So in other words, developers have been producing crypto games since 2017. It has gotten to the point that there is a crypto gaming market. Some of the games there are crypto trading simulators and they can come in handy if you’re looking to learn crypto trading. Here are a few such cryptocurrency trader games: 

1. Spark Profit 

Predicting which way the value will go is an important aspect of crypto trading. Taking a short or a long position is crucial to crypto trading and Spark Profit will teach you these skills. Your job in this game is to predict the value of either Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, or all of them on the virtual market. Predicting correctly will give you points and profit. The wrong predictions will make you lose points. But learning these skills isn’t necessary as there are several trading platforms you can rely on. Platforms like the Bitcoin Digital app will do the trading for you. 

There are all kinds of settings and adjustments you can do to this platform. That’s why you’ll need to create an account with it. But that’s not all as you’ll need to make a small deposit as you’ll need a budget to trade with. Once you’ve done those steps you can go to the next one and go over the tutorials and experimenting with the demo account. Then it’s off to the live session after which you’ll be able to experiment with the entire platform and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. 

2. CoinMarketGame 

This is a game that’s easier to grasp than Spark Profit. That’s because it covers the essentials as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. The buying and selling of assets are the things you’ll learn with CoinMarketGame. The virtual market is yours to explore and you’re free to make right and wrong decisions as you go. This will be your playground where you’ll turn into a competent trader by learning from your mistakes. Once you’re done with the game you can apply your skills to the real world of crypto trading by going to an online exchange. 

3. Altcoin Fantasy 

Altcoin Fantasy is another game that covers the major virtual currencies. Buying and selling are the skills this app will teach you but another skill you’ll also learn is analyzing the market. On top of that, you have several competitions to sharpen your skills in and if you’re good enough then you’ll reach the top. 

Crypto Conclusion 

The skills are needed to become a competent crypto trader. But there are other things you’ll need to take care of as well. You’ll need to go for one crypto out of the plenty of virtual currencies available on the exchanges and make sure to keep an eye on its value. The right wallet will come in handy when it comes to keeping your assets safe.

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