5 Advertising Moves To Make In Atlanta

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Hot ‘Lanta is making a splash in the business world right now. It is a key location for a diverse set of industries ranging from entertainment and media operations to aerospace engineering and information technology. Simply put, Atlanta is a great place to advertise any number of businesses. But where exactly should you start when considering marketing strategies in a city as unique as Atlanta? How can you make your every move count and ultimately increase your brand recognition and overall publicity levels? 

Here are five top creative steps to take, specifically for Atlanta-based advertising. 

1. Get Your Name Out There 

One of the most obvious and impactful moves you can make when advertising in Atlanta is to find and use effective outdoor ads. Atlanta billboards are extremely useful for getting your business name out into a wider public sphere, and surprisingly the process can be quite simple and affordable. Atlanta is a huge commuter city, so roadside billboards get a lot of eyes, as do ads linked to the local transit systems. This form of advertising is a classic for a reason, it’s a fantastic way to cast a wide net into a diverse population, so don’t overlook it just because it’s not the most modern approach. 

2. Integrate Your Strategies 

If you want to reach large numbers of people, the best option is to use a combination of both classic methods coupled with more modern strategies. For example, if you’re using outdoor advertising, you might consider connecting your ads to your digital content, perhaps by including a website or QR code, which can share additional information as well as keep track of how many people are interested in your product. Of course, we’re also well into the Social Media Age now, which means the integration of various social networking platforms might also be a strong move on any advertisers' part. Just remember to stay consistent within your brand representation across all forms of marketing when embracing an omnichannel approach. 

3. Apply For Business Awards 

Perhaps a bit of a surprising move, but something to keep in mind, especially in the early days of your advertising efforts, is the use of business awards. Customers love to see a company with accolades, and with the vast number of awards out there, often a business just has to apply in order to get the recognition they deserve. These awards often come in the form of a digital badge, which can then be used in both online and in-person marketing. These badges and awards boost credibility and are a great way to really show off key features of your specific business and what sets it apart within its industry. 

4. Spread Your Message 

In addition to getting your name out there, you also want to get your message across loud and clear. What are your goals, values, and overall mission? These are the things that will make you a mainstain in the city of Atlanta, and these deeper, more detailed messages are typically better shared individually. Some ideas to increase brand loyalty and community appeal might be as simple as handing out free stickers or business cards, allowing customers to feel like they are a part of your business. You might also want to feature reviews from individuals who might act as brand ambassadors for your company. Marketing today is most effective when it has a personal touch, and advertising in Atlanta is no exception. 

5. Involve Others 

Another solid move you can make in regards to advertising in Atlanta is a bit more active of an approach. It’s often referred to as guerilla marketing, and it involves surprise or unconventional advertising in the form of human interaction. This might be something like passing out flyers at a festival or putting on a dance show in the park. Atlanta is a city with a lot of soul, and if you can find a way to tap into that with your advertising, you might just strike marketing gold. So once you find those brand ambassadors, or if you prefer, you could really go the southern route and recruit family and friends to help promote your business on a more grass-roots level. You can't do it all on your own, so start networking and building teams to help advertise your business brand.

Advertising Advantages Making Moves

So there you have it Atlanta business advertisers. The 5 simple, but effective steps you can take to successfully market your business in Atlanta. Whether you choose to advertise outdoors or online (or maybe a combination of the two), remember you can also use awards, brand ambassadors, or other unconventional methods to help really get your name and message across to the good people of Atlanta. Now what are you waiting for? Do as the Atlantans do: Rise Up and set to work!

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