The Future Of Social Audio

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Social networking has become a major improvement in nowadays society. As the social market grows by the minute, Social Media have replaced most of our social interactions. Not only in our social life partnership but as well in the business environment, Social Media proved to be a very influential marketing digital tool when it comes to building up your own personality, in the online world. 

They established new ways of proximity and accessibility, that can reach out to anywhere at any time. Certain apps may have come across the benefits of what is known as ‘Social Audio’. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, perfected the social interactions by using Audio features, limiting their users with real-time conversations. Later came WhatsApp, specifically redirected for sharing and providing a dialogue between users, with more efficiency and frequency. 

The visual interfaces have differed over the years, from emoticons, gifs, to chat text integration, but now has come the time to approach a whole new reality with Social Audio. Now, more than ever, quarantine has improved the use of social media conversations, and their features. The intimacy of direct voice conversations is way more appealing now that we are all far away from our friends and family, and writing messages have become the back-up plan. It takes time and effort, and that isn’t as much enjoyable as hearing the real emotions that a voice call provides. The immediacy and authenticity it’s why Social Audio has become a serious improvement in our social-digital life. 

A Whole New World - ‘Clubhouse’ 

As the audio-network grows by the minute, there are several apps specialized in the audio feature, such as Clubhouse. It seems similar to other social-media but it’s actually an audio- based platform, makes real-life conversation take form from one side of the world to another. 

The Clubhouse has no feed or timeline like Facebook or Instagram, instead, there is a list of rooms and spaces with live conversations where you can join and some that are coming up soon. You can also follow people and see if they were online and what rooms they might join later. The rooms variate from topic to topic, some might be a DJ performing, others can be interviews with celebrities or even conferences about the latest research on science studies. 

It’s divided into several stages. The first one with people speaking and moderating the room, the second one with the guests from the speakers, and the third section for everyone who wants to join. You can participate whenever you like. There’s a feature where you can raise your ‘virtual hand’ to ask a question, mute yourself and leave the room whenever you want. Of course, all of this is controlled by the moderators. 

Years ago, when ‘Online Forums’ emerged, they brought this type of accessibility and a universe where online interactions could happen in a ‘real-time’ live-action, the problem was that they couldn’t manage the fluency of the conversation. 

Just a small, out-of-context comment could change the entire operation, reaching out severe proportions. Clubhouse just redirects the speech for itself. It’s remarkable how the rooms can be so well organized and the speakers can know which topic to talk about and when to do it. 

Use Your Voice, Not Your Thumbs 

Audio networking may offer something more than traditional media could not. As we live in a global mentality, universities, schools, and business companies had to reinvent themselves to this new reality. A well manages social audio networking, can be a tremendous change on the traditional education forms and business meetings. Platforms such and ‘Zoom’ or ‘GoogleMeet’ have increased their users all over the globe. 

The dynamic of real-life conversation is taking a deep dive into the digital world, due to this new pandemic reality. Social Audio has never been more important than now. Even in the business industries, job-interviews are now being re-adapt to this new format. 

Hearing the authenticity and kindness in people’s voices can bring out the true self of one another. This is why the Social Audio universe is increasing all over across the Internet, now, more than ever, in a time where Social Media are stilling away your visual identities, your true voice it’s just what’s left. 

A Loved One’s Voice Can Make Everything Better! 

Social Audio can be a revolution in our networking interactions and regular daily conversations. The pandemic has put us all away from our loved ones, the only way to reach out and find comfort in these hard times is by social media, the experience must be authentic and as much as real as if we were face-to-face with each other.

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