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Do you have a difficult time booking and managing your meeting rooms? Do you find yourself wasting too much time trying to find available meeting spaces before booking one? Wouldn’t it be easier if there was an easy way for everyone in the office to see which rooms are available, what size they are, and how many people can fit inside of them? Resource Central is that solution! Resource Central is an online booking system that will help streamline your meetings. You can either install on-premise or as a SaaS solution. No matter where you choose to host Resource Central, this booking system will make scheduling and hosting meetings much more efficient! 

ResourceCentral is an online resource planning tool that allows organizations to manage their business resources in one central location. It makes it easier for managers to see and manage the availability of meeting rooms and office space, as well as how the rooms can be utilized. Resource Central helps you to find the correct room at the right price for your team. They offer a hosted SaaS product that allows you to set up and operate Resource Central’s system on your own servers or in the cloud. 

You can also choose to have Resource Central manage your reservations and booking system for you by purchasing the on-premise solution. This is great for organizations that do not want to handle their own data or do not want to be reliant on a third party. The information is all stored on your devices, so it is easy to manage and maintain with upkeep costs that are less than what you would see with a SaaS product. 

The Resource Central on-premise solution is a comprehensive booking system that allows organizations to manage their resources using online software. It will work with your current calendar system, so you will not have to add any new appointments to manage your resources. The on-premise solution also helps businesses with room layouts, which makes it easier for employees to see how the spaces can be used. The system can be used to automate all of your scheduling and booking processes. You will also have access to a comprehensive reporting tool that helps you manage your inventory and growth. It will allow you to view the transactions and expenses in a simple way so that you can easily track usage or revenue. The on-premise solution is great for organizations that are not looking to operate with a SaaS product but want the ease and simplicity of managing their inventory. 

Resource Central: Meeting Management Software 

Do you need help keeping track of all your meetings, projects, and deadlines? Meeting Management Software can solve this problem! 

This blog post will provide you with an overview of Meetings management applications available today. We will go over the advantages and disadvantages each application has to offer to help you make a better and more educated decision about what application is best for your needs. For those who are already using meeting management software, this post will also serve as a resource for troubleshooting. If you've encountered any problems using your application, this is the place to help you find a solution. 

Have a look around and see for yourself how meeting management software can help your business run more efficiently! 

What Is Meeting Management Software? 

No matter what type of business you're in, meetings are an inevitable part of everyday life. They are expensive and time consuming. Good thing there's Meeting Management Software that will make sure that you get the most out of each meeting while saving money and reducing unnecessary time spent in meetings. 

Schedule and manage your meetings, meetings agendas, meeting papers, and minutes. Generate attendance lists for your meetings by adding attendees manually or by using the email contact information. Generate meeting agendas based on the attendees' list. Track all participants' information (name, role, phone number, email address) allowing you to contact them for feedback or reminder purposes. E-mail attendees with a reminder of the upcoming meeting. Add walk-in attendees to the meeting agenda. Give feedback and suggestions to the participants. Any participant can record notes within the meeting so they don't have to take any time away from others. 

Some software will also provide statistics about how much time you spend at meetings and how much time participants spend in the meeting. All of this information is stored in a central database for you to access anytime and anywhere for your convenience. 

Advantages Of Meeting Management Software: 


Meeting Management Software will help you save time. By using the software's built in features and the ability to customize it according to your needs, you can spend more time on productive activities such as reading emails, completing projects and more. Less Meetings: It is possible for many people to attend a meeting if all attendees know the meeting's location and agenda. If you are using Meeting Management Software, then it will also send an email to let all attendees know about the meeting. This means that only necessary participants attend the meeting. You can schedule future meetings through the software so you will not have to spend time finding participants again. 

Cost Saving: 

When chosen wisely, Meeting Management Software can save your business a great deal of money. You can reduce your overhead cost by not paying for unnecessary airplane and train tickets for participants who can easily attend a meeting via video conference or teleconference.

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