How To Make More Money Blogging Professionally

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Are you ready to try your hand at blogging – for real money? Is it time to turn your dream of being a professional writer into a reality with monetized blogging? 

If you are fed up with seeing other people make money blogging, while you go to the office and put money in someone else’s pocket – here’s a quick 2-step plan to realize your blogger dreams. It is very possible and it can be very simple, although not always easy.

Think of it as a ‘roots-and-wings’ plan for real blogger income. It allows you to start with a strong foundation and then soar with the sky being the limit with blogging bonuses. 

Let’s look at the wings first when blogging for the big bucks. 

Wings: Plan A 

Wings are your vision of what you’d like to achieve as a professional blogger, given that all things are flowing in your direction. Think of this as your Plan A for blogging. 

To do this, make a dream plan of how everything ideally will work in your favor to make a living blogging. 

Of course, dreaming, hoping, and wishing is not the same as a strategic plan. 

Here are the five big steps of what you’ll want to handle as you strive to earn income consistently while blogging. 

Step One: Decide On A Niche Market 

Pick a market that you are familiar with. In other words, you know the pains and hopes of this group. For example, if you’re a horse owner, you know exactly the pitfalls and dreams of horse owners. If you’re a boat owner, you know precisely what kind of ropes, sails, and anchors will make your life pain or a breeze. 

Step Two: Refine A Writing Style 

This can take some experimenting. It may feel like fits-and-starts while you’re getting going. Keep at it until you feel like you are writing the way you speak. Usually, we write more formally. Some bloggers discover their writing style by recording what they say and then transcribing their own words. If that helps you, give it a go. 

Step Three: Increase Your Creativity 

There’s not a single perfect way to do this. You might like to work with a creativity coach, study other bloggers, and read topics from all kinds of industries. In addition, you may find that it helps to blog at different times of the day or night. 

Some writers like to write with a strong cup of coffee. Others take showers to get the creativity flowing. Everyone has his or her personal creativity ritual. The point is to find the way, time, and method of writing that works best for you. 

Step Four: Boost Your Activity 

Blogging can be a sedentary profession. Yet, it’s important to keep moving to stay healthy and creative. Recent research confirms that it’s very helpful to reduce sedentary time, especially if you have a profession that calls for a lot of sitting. 

Many people like to switch their writing from sitting to standing. If you can stand for several hours a day, your health will benefit. 

Step Five: Identify Your Break-Even Point 

For blogging to be a viable profession, you’ll need to know your break-even point. How much do you need to make to cover your expenses? 

Look for ways to cut expenses. For example, slash your rent with a work exchange for your landlord. Or, sell your car and ride your bike. 

Reduce your target and take steps to achieve your goal. 

Roots: Plan B 

As you’re a practical person, you may realize that you need to anchor your vision. Ditching a full-time job in favor of blogging is not going to be the best method. You might love the dream, but feel the need for more security. 

There is no reason to feel guilty about this. You are being pragmatic and doing what it takes to balance lofty dreams with down-to-earth reality. 

In the ‘roots’ portion of the plan, look at things through the lens of practicalities. 

Step One: Get Emergency Help 

Perhaps you have decided to start blogging but encounter an emergency. It could be a business issue, a medical issue, or another family event. Consider your options for getting a personal loan to tide you over the hurdle. You can repay the amount in set increments, making it possible to manage your finances and handle the emergency. 

Step Two: Build An Emergency Fund 

After you’ve handled the initial emergency, start with a fixed plan to build your fund. This can be done over a month or three months. Set aside a specific dollar amount to meet your goals. 

Step Three: Work And Blog 

Keep your day job and start blogging. You’ll have the safety of a paycheck, while you stretch into your new skills. This can be the best of both worlds for many people.

Wings And Roots 

Balance your lofty ideas with practical solutions and you’ll move forward to your goals. Now start blogging!

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