How To Start Your Teaching Career In The UK? 8 Easy Steps

how to start teaching career in uk become new teacher united kingdom

Teaching is one of the noblest jobs in the world. You spread education and knowledge. With this power comes great responsibility. The teaching profession has gone through a lot of ups and downs over time. It has been under public speculation and it has also received accolades. It has nurtured the brightest minds of the world. Even the greatest scientists are taught their first equation by their teachers. Thus, behind the making of every world prodigy, there has been a teacher. Now, so many responsibilities cannot come easy. There are specific criteria employers look for when they search for teachers. Be it, private tutors or institutional teachers, they need to showcase their soft skills. Here, soft skills become more than just skills to get hired. These are skills that influence and motivate your students to be the person they are. Teachers cannot be bad examples. That is why hone these skills if you think you want to become a teacher. 

However, once you have decided that you want to be in this line of profession, the application process needs to start. It is a little complicated as this is one of the more popular professions. Also, people mistake being easy and a job of comfort. But if they think so, it is evident that they have no idea about this line of career. Let them be. You should start focusing on the grueling and competitive application process that will let you realize your dream of being a teacher full time. This article breaks down how to start your teaching career in eight easy steps. 

8 Steps To Becoming A Teacher In The UK

1. Graduate College 

This one is comparatively easier and the basic minimum you need to do. You need a minimum degree to become a teacher. This area of specialization will make it easier for you to choose which subjects you want to teach. This will allow you to major in that subject and teach it with utmost confidence. Also, the minimum qualification to apply to any college job is a graduation degree. 

2. Decide Your Expertise 

Before you start preparing yourself for the application process, make sure you know your skills. This will help you gauge who your target students should be. Some people have great skills to teach young children at elementary school while others handle high school young adults with panache. This also depends on how well you can teach your subjects of expertise and with what clarity. 

3. Get Your Teacher's Training Degree 

In the UK, to teach in any state school you need to prove your expertise and basic knowledge. For that, you have to appear for exams QTS (Qualified Teacher's Status) and ITT( Initial Teacher's Training). 

4. Prepare Your CV 

This seems like one of the easiest and yet the most difficult part of the application process. Most people lack the right knowledge on how to build an impactful CV. It is for this that their CV gets lost in the pool of applications. Keep your CV clean and crisp. Even if you have a lot of achievements, prioritize what you want to achieve. Keep it to one page and never more than that. 

5. Job Posting 

Gone are the days when you would physically have to go to a school to apply for a specific position. Almost all schools, like every other sector, have shifted their hiring process online. They post their requirements online. So, check the job postings under the role you wish to work in. For example, search for graduate teaching assistant jobs, and you will find a plethora of schools that are hiring. 

6. Prepare For The Interview 

There are multiple rounds in the application process. One of the most grueling rounds is the interview process. Polish your concepts so that you can talk about them with clarity. Don't fumble, and make sure that your communication game is strong. 

7. Cracking The Interview 

There is a common hack to crack the teacher job interview process. Be yourself. Of course, that is a no-brainer. But most people end up forgetting this. Calm your nerves. Don't let your mind think that it is a big deal. Our brains work better when they are not under pressure. 

8. Keep Applying 

Like said before, one hardly ever gets the first job they apply to. It is a trial and error process full of rejections. But there are always teachers leaving or retiring and always new opportunities out there for an enthusiastic new teaching professional. So, the most important thing is to keep your hopes and spirits lifted. Keep applying with an open heart and work hard to improve your CV every time to get your dream job teaching.

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