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The past two years were a rollercoaster ride for most businesses, and so was the first portion of 2023 to be honest. Some of the economic and financial aspects predicted before the pandemic did materialize, while others were completely lost in the unprecedented chaos. Several adaptations reshaped various elements of running a business organization, including the digital marketing landscape. 

Many notable factors have influenced digital marketing in the last year. E-commerce sales increased dramatically, as people could not or would not visit brick and mortar stores. There was also a significant increase in social media usage, and videoconferencing became a new norm. These factors led to an imminent shift in the ways that brands use to connect with their target audience. 

Now that the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic is almost behind us in the second half of 2022, we can look ahead to what we can expect in the world of digital marketing. It is necessary for business owners and marketers to follow the current trends to formulate an effective digital strategy for marketing the brand. 

So if you have been looking for the key trends of 2023, these five below are some of the most notable digital marketing strategies for businesses. 

Live Streams And Influencer Content 

Most governments enforced stay-at-home orders for the citizens during the pandemic. All events got canceled as consumers could not attend them in person. People also had to refrain from socializing with their friends and family members. 

These factors led to a significant increase in the use of social media. Each platform reported a notable hike in usage, which is still continuing. We have also noticed a surge in the number of people turning to live streaming on social media and other platforms, including branded live streams, online workshops, live videos from celebrities, etc. 

Live streams by influencers are a great way to drive content and build trust for a brand. Many influencers took to live streaming on Amazon Live to promote various products of their choice. 

You can also use industry-specific influencers to advertise your products or services on social media or other platforms. Make sure that these lives are shoppable, so your target audience can purchase while watching the live streaming. 

Goodwill Missions And Ethical Stances 

Smart brands have tried to figure out ways to fit themselves into their target customers' lives or their conversations through social media. Consumers cannot connect with a brand that appears insincere and insensitive. They would not want to purchase from a company they do not trust or believe. That is why you need to connect with your target audience deeply in 2022. 

Consumers want to see their favorite brands doing good deeds for society or taking ethical stances. You can also indulge in such activities and convey a good message through your social media pages or other platforms. 

These can be simple things like assisting medical workers or other contributors to deal with the pandemic. Or you can make your website accessible to people with disabilities and include a statement on your website. 

Consumers also tend to connect with brands that take steps to improve the environment. They need to know that the brand they associate with cares about a sustainable future. Therefore, you can highlight aspects of your business that support a greener planet, such as raw material, packaging, transportation systems, or any other. 

User-Generated Content 

Online consumers need more when purchasing products or services on the Internet these days. They want an enjoyable experience with their preferred brand that is convenient and memorable. They also want to see testimonials that can support the decision to purchase from the brand. 

User-generated contents like reviews or guest blogs are ideal to connect with your target audience. It allows your brand to become part of communities, and people can find it relatable to their preferences. You can also meet your target audience in places where they already hang out. User-generated content enables you to enrich your website and social media pages. 


Inclusivity became an aspect of focus in 2020 and 2021, with highlights on movements like Black Lives Matter. Accenture conducted a study that shows purchase behavior gets significantly impacted by the cultural shift towards inclusivity. According to it, almost 41% of shoppers have stopped buying from retailers that do not convey their views on inclusivity and diversity. 

About 29% of consumers are ready to switch their preferred brands entirely if they do not take a stance towards diversity. Therefore, make sure that you showcase your willingness to support inclusive causes to establish a deeper connection with your target audience in 2022. 

Mobile And Voice Search Optimization 

There has been a significant increase in the number of people using their mobile phones and smart speakers to search for products and services. Being stuck at home during the lockdown could be one of the reasons because people had limited opportunities for conversations. 

It can also be due to the ready availability and convenience offered by smartphones and smart speakers. These factors can transform your SEO efforts in 2023. Google also announced long ago that it will consider mobile-first SEO, which means smartphone optimization techniques will work better than desktop SEO. Mobile first is a must when it comes to search engine optimization.

The unpredictability of the past two years has forced companies to rethink their strategies on how to connect with their target audience. Most smart brands have altered their online marketing efforts to cope up with the latest trends. The businesses that didn't adapt are making a major gamble, or aren't even in business any longer. 

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You should stay updated with these dominant digital marketing trends as well if you want to engage with your customers and stay ahead of your competitors. We hope that our list can get you started on transforming your digital marketing strategies.

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