5 Top Things You Should Know When Getting A Home Warranty

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A house warranty may be an unfamiliar term for you, especially if you are a first-time homeowner. You may confuse it with homeowner's insurance. You may hear someone advising you to get a home warranty as it offers a lot of benefits. However, before you get one, you have to know first what it is all about. Thus, we have gathered these essential details about home warranties. 

What Is A Home Warranty Service? 

A home warranty or also known as a home service contract is a home protection plan that covers the replacement or repair costs of your mechanical systems and home appliances. Home warranty firms have been on the rise since 1970. Most homeowners include this plan aside from home insurance. 

When picking a home warranty provider, there are a lot of options to choose from. Most of them offer excellent service. To help you find the best warranty for your home, here are some of the most suggested, best home warranty providers known for their exceptional job. 

Liberty Home Guard 

Liberty Home Guard provides you with more customized options. It enables you to choose the type of home warranty plan you need as well as how often you want to pay. Liberty will not limit the number of claims you can file in a year. For your comfort, it allows you to file your claims online. 

American Home Shield 

Founded in 1971, American Home Shield is a well-established company that offers excellent plans for every homeowner that cover the replacement and repair expenses. American Home Shield may have a higher annual cost than other companies, but it includes additional coverage on items like re-keys and doorbells. Moreover, this company was awarded the Best in Service in 2014 by the Home Warranty Reviews. 

Choice Home Warranty 

According to ConsumerAffairs.com, Choice Home Warranty is widely considered a top-rated warranty business that continues to gratify homeowners. Choice Home Warranty provides comprehensive plans to their clients for their home appliances and systems. Moreover, in Choice Home Warranty, your home's age and the appliances are not a major concern. They always cover items as long as they are still in good condition. 

Complete Protection 

The Complete Protection Home Warranty gains a lot of positive reviews due to its four service plans and interesting benefits. When it comes to pricing, this home warranty provider is very transparent. You can easily find the price of each plan without needing a representative. The Complete Home Protection warranty is an A+ Accredited Business and is available 24/7. 

Advanced Home Warranty 

Advance Home Warranty is also an excellent option for every homeowner that offers two basic coverage plans: Basic and Total. This home warranty provider is also available 24/7 throughout the United States. Thus, you can get a plan regardless of where you live. 

What Does It Cover? 

Most home warranty programs cover mechanical systems such as electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning, but it still depends on the plan you choose. Plans for your home appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, may also be included. Home warranties, on the other hand, do not cover appliances that have been misused or damaged. 

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance 

You can easily pinpoint the difference between home warranties and homeowners insurance. A home warranty plan covers the expense of replacement and repair of your home appliances and equipment, whereas homeowners insurance safeguards your home against catastrophes such as fire, robbery, and any damage caused by weather. 

A home warranty plan saves you from spending thousands of dollars in costly expenses, not to mention the hassle of looking for a reputable service company for repairs. No doubt why getting a home warranty plan is a priority to most homeowners. 

Benefits Of Home Warranties 

There are various benefits that you can experience from getting a home warranty. It covers your appliances from unforeseen damages. When any of your appliances get damaged, your warranty company will send you a qualified service provider to fix your damaged item. Thus, this plan is especially advantageous for homeowners who are not specialized in repairing damages. 

Home Warranty Cost 

The cost of getting a home warranty won't break the bank. The cost may depend on the company, the size of your property, as well as the level of coverage. The total cost per year may range from $350 to $600. You must also consider the service call charge, which must be paid each time you request for repairs. 


Getting a home warranty is a great way to avoid costly repairs if your house appliances or mechanical systems are damaged over time. However, before agreeing to any contracts, you should know how this warranty works and the services covered by a particular plan. For a more successful plan, you should also weigh various benefits and risks when getting one. Compare and contrast the services offered.

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