Offshore Medicals And The Facilities They Offer

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What Is OGUK?

OGUK is a non-profit organization working for the past 40 years to provide medical health facilities to offshore oil and gas sector workers. 

What Are Offshore Medicals? 

Offshore medicals are a health taskforce that works on the offshores of the United Kingdom or Norwegian waters and require a valid OGUK certificate to work. In the UK, the medicals are governed by the Oil and Gas UK, and they issue valid certificates for two years. 

With OGUK, you can get your certificate the same day as joining the offshore clinic via a helicopter, but you would have to appear for an exam beforehand to qualify. Usually, they issue a list of the clinics around the UK shores where open slots are available for offshore medicals. If you want to apply for one, you would have to keep an eye out for such lists. 

Offshore Medical Test 

OGUK offshore medical Aberdeen test includes medical and drug tests such as urinalysis, BMI, near distance and color vision, lung function test, audiogram, and doctor consultation. For drug testing, they can test Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Opiates, etc. They also send the drug samples to onshore laboratories for confirmation. 

If you plan to take the offshore medical test, remember to bring a certified photo ID, like a passport or driving license to verify yourself. You would also be required to get any medication or doctor’s prescriptions (if you are on some medication) to the test center. 

Offshore Clinics In Aberdeen 

Some of the reputable offshore clinics in Aberdeen are: 

• Anchor Health Solutions 
• MCL Medics 
• Iqarus Ltd 
• Survivex Limited 
• Granite Occupational Health 
• International Medical Management Ltd, and many more. 


It can sometimes get tricky to get an appointment in Aberdeen because there is such a massive demand for oil services and offshore personnel. The oil and gas industry has picked up some pace once more, and it is better to get the appointment as soon as you are deployed. 

Anchor Health and Iqarus are some of the clinics known for their speedy appointment schedules, so that you can try these first. 

Facilities Offered In Offshore Clinics 

Offshore clinics in and around Aberdeen offer various offshore medical facilities, including health screening, medical exams and check-ups, and health questionnaires. 

Cost Of Offshore Medicals 

Offshore medicals vary in price, but they can be around £100 to 150 depending upon where you are getting checked. They provide all their health facilities without any VAT, so you would not need to worry about any taxes. Some of the clinics charge a VAT, but you can only confirm this after going to the clinic's website you are interested in or calling in to check the price range yourself. 

Those who are paying themselves or are day-rating contractors can also search for offshore medicals who provide discounts on their services for compensation. There are some discounts-offering web pages that you can go and get 10% off on any offshore clinic in Aberdeen.

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