The Magento Full Page Cache Warmer — Don’t Let It Go Cold

magento full page cache warmer

Magento 2 is a fantastic eCommerce platform for enhancing the productivity of your online business, as you may already know. And when it comes to optimization and upgrades, there are a lot of factors to consider. The operational speed of your website is one of these factors. Magento 2 has a variety of cache options to help you boost it. For example, it saves the page to the cache after the initial visit to eliminate the need for refreshing. However, it may not be adequate because the cache might be emptied for a variety of reasons, including content updates or scheduled emptying. 

Customers may be turned off by slow website loading, which will have a negative impact on your sales. This detracts from the overall surfing experience and makes visitors anxious while they wait for the page to load. Furthermore, Google has its own bot that inspects and ranks websites based on how well they function. If you really want to be on top, you can install the Mirasvit extension, which automatically warms up the cache and gives you the fastest loading speed ever. This module works with all of the required pages and is compatible with the most common cache types. 


On the surface, the functionality of this module appears to be rather straightforward. But what is it concealing from us? Let's learn more so we can make sure we can use the extension to its full potential.

the list of cached pages magento

Full Automation 

There is no need for manual control with this extension. Set it up once, just after installation, and then forget about it when it comes to maintenance and monitoring. The cache will be automatically restored. So relax and take it all in! 

Background Operation 

Because the plugin works in the background, you can make changes to any aspect of your online business. The module will not stop working or crash as a result of this. This also makes your admin panel more streamlined because you won't be distracted by many pop-up notifications or similar distractions. 

The Test Page 

To avoid any problems and ensure that everything is working properly, utilize the test page, which will always inform you of the cache's state. You don't have to do anything because this page includes an auto-refreshing feature that lets you relax while also preventing slowdowns and latency. Certain programs, such as Varnish, might sometimes interfere with the module's functionality. 

Precise Control 

Warming up isn't required for all of the pages. Some pages on any site aren't as valuable to customers as others. The page contains numerous normative texts, for example, or the FAQ page. In any case, you have complete control over whatever sites you wish to warm up. That's why you can make a list of candidates you've chosen! Create a CSV file with all of your most important pages listed, establish the rules, and take advantage of the extension's flexibility to make your website work quickly and smoothly. 

Presets For Better Convenience 

Because different servers have varying capabilities, you may require different settings depending on your circumstances. This module has three cache warming templates to choose from to make using the extension even easier and save you even more time: high, medium for the majority of online stores, and soft for stores with a higher load rate. 

Performance Optimization 

What's even better is that you're not restricted by pre-defined templates and settings; you can tweak any of them to your liking. You may configure the number of threads, the maximum run time, and the rate at which Cron jobs are executed with the aid of this plugin. 

Average System Load Monitoring 

Keep an eye on the system's average load to see where the bottlenecks are. Make use of the customized graph to see when issues arise. If the issue is related to loading times, you should disable cache warming until the server is capable of working effectively with sufficient power. Set the threshold to automate the process and improve the speed with which your websites load. 

Control What User-Agents Trigger Caching 

Allowing crawler robots to start re-caching every time can overburden your server. To maximize productivity, turn off user-agents in the Settings. 

Warming Rules 

As you may be aware, each page has its own set of properties, such as the page URL, customer group, and product type. According to them, you can change the cache warming rule. This enables you to ensure that the most critical pages are always warmed up and ready to load quickly. For every cache warming rule, you can additionally change the HTTP headers of the request. 

No Limits 

You can make any page cacheable with the aid of this plugin. This add-on, unlike the normal Magento Edition, does not skip pages. Simply select what needs to be cached and forget about any previous limitations. 

Support For Complex Pages 

You may wish to be able to customize which portions of a complex, hefty page in your online store should be cached if you have a complex, weighty website. You can do so with the extension we're looking at today. Simply use the Magento full-page cache Hole Punch feature to cash the most important area of your complicated page. 

No Interfering 

The Magento Cache Warmer will never let you down with a sudden crash. Even if you create a new page element or update an existing one, the module caches the new version automatically. Furthermore, this feature does not require any additional configuration, so you may start using it right away. 

No Multiple Cache Files 

Different visitors from different Store Views can cause a duplicated cache to be created, resulting in a loss of disk space. Set up the Cache Warmer to avoid situations like these, and all new visitors will be provided the same cache. 

Full Control Over Cached Pages 

We need to know how things go because we want to make sure everything is safe and examine our future actions based on the information we have. You can access specifics about any cached page for this purpose, such as its kind or the warming rules that have been applied to it, as well as the exact time and date of creation / update / caching. What's more significant, you'll be able to see what caused the re-caching. You can also delete pages from the warmed list and clear their cache. 

Cache Flushing 

This function is also necessary, and Magento provides it to its customers. The point is that you can't clean the cache too often. Use the Fill Rate graph to track cleaning activities and keep your server running smoothly. 

Debugging tools will assist you in determining the cause of frequent flushing or any other problems. If reducing the frequency isn't possible or you don't need cache flushing at all, you can simply disable it under the Cache Warmer options. 

Debugging Tools 

Is there a problem? Don't worry; debugging tools will assist you in resolving the issues. As we previously stated, you may monitor the cache status via the test page, and you can also limit access to specific IP addresses. 

Tracking Caching Efficiency

fpc reports magento caching

Check the reports to determine if caching is working properly and efficiently. You may see information about all pages, both cached and non-cached, in this section. Get instant access to information about reaction time and other subtleties in the style that suits you best: a graph for a quick glance or a full table. If necessary, you can also export reports. 

Priority Management 

This extension allows you to prioritize the most important site pages based on a variety of criteria, ensuring that consumers get the fastest loading speed and the best browsing experience possible. Meanwhile, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. You can, for example, prioritize based on the number of visitors, page / product type, and so on. 

Command Line 

When the frontend interface is insufficient, we must go to the command line. In this scenario, you'll be relieved to learn that the command line supports a large number of commands and is easy to use, allowing you to accomplish everything you desire. 

Cache Conclusion 

It is important to note that many people do not pay enough attention to details. That is why they are unable to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, as numerous publications have demonstrated, the speed with which your websites load is critical. There are other articles like this on the internet that discuss the importance of performance optimization. With Mirasvit's Magento full-page cache extension, you can take such vital details into account without putting in a lot of effort. Anyone will be satisfied and you will be able to succeed with ease if you have a totally automatic, simple-to-use module that helps your pages load significantly faster.

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