Create Your Own Games Using HTML5

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a video game, computer game, or mobile app game? Don’t worry because you are in the right place. You will probably think that game development requires sophisticated coding skills or probably top-notch talent as a programmer. 

Some will even think it’s an inborn thing. But those are just misconceptions that people have. If you care about gaming, you can consider using HTML5 or javascript to create an amazing game that will also excite you. 

We linked up with one of our experts Conrad Brennan (view profile), to enlighten you on how games are developed. 

What Is An HTML5 Game? 

This post is about building an outstanding game using HTML5. HTML5 game is the name of a game build utilizing a collection of new web techniques. Such techniques include javascript and CSS3. 

You would probably wonder why it has to entail all those components. You can't just create a game from HTML 5 alone and you must bring these elements on board. 

Some of the reasons why HTML5 is not enough in your game creations process include: 

● HTML5 is not an actual programming language. 

 It primarily describes the contents of the web. Additionally, it links the web page to a style sheet. 

● Also, HTML5 is nothing complicated but just a markup language. It refers to Hypertext Markup language. A version 5 of the markup language is the latest installment. 

The above justifies why you will majorly deal with javascript. Unlike HTML5, Javascript will allow you to write logic because it’s an actual programming language, and you can easily write logic using it. 

HTML5 will help you to create a gaming board. But also understand that the board must be drawn, and that's where the javascript comes in. 

Any time you think or hear about HTML5, don't forget to factor in CSS3 and Javascript. They are what will make the game creation process complete. They will make your game as enjoyable as those on the Canadian no deposit casino sites. 

What Are The Key Considerations That Will Make Your Game Exciting 

Consider The Performance 

You must be certain that your game will perform when on the common operating systems used on the majority of the gaming devices. A game that performs well on the browsing engines and also the gaming devices will attract many other gamers. You can even consider a game that can played in a live casino


Is the game visible enough on the gaming screens? Visual features matter most to the players because they don't intend to play a blurry game. Therefore, put all the mechanisms in place that will make your game better in terms of visuals. 


How does it feel to play a silent game? If you ever played one where the sound was absent, you will confirm that it was not as exciting as you imagined it was going to be. That should not be the case when developing your game. 

Put some musicality in it to make it exciting to those who will play it. It will also help in creating the rhythm needed in a game. 

Steps Involved In HTML5 Game Creation 

Set Up An HTML5 With Canvas 

HTML5 canvas refers to a container for graphics and you can draw it in javascript. It plays a vital role in the initial game development process. If you are familiar with a <img> then you will easily understand what the canvas means. 

You will not have to load an image from an external source. When creating a game, you will have to set up your HTML5 canvas first, it’s essential before drawing any graphics. You will also have to tell the file what to interpret and the kind of content it contains. It will also help you in the development of slots. 

Learn How To Draw Shapes And Text 

Know how to draw graphics on the HTML5 canvas using shapes and paths. After understanding the drawing concept, consider creating rectangles, circles, lines, triangles, and other complex shapes using SVG paths. 

Create A Game Loop 

Another crucial stage that you should not skip is creating a game loop. After you have known how to draw, create a game loop, and learn about frame rates. You can request animation frames as they will help you in making your game loop run efficiently. 

Animate Objects 

Animation creation is important when developing a game on HTML5 canvas. Do that without getting bothered by the stem rate. 

Detect Collisions 

Undertake a collision detection before proceeding to release the game. Javascript will help you do that effectively. 

Creator Conclusion

As you can see from the information above, game creation using HTML 5 is not as sophisticated as many people would think. Neither is the development of slot machines. You only need to understand the essential steps such as those highlighted for HTML5 dev.

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