How To Create A Content Strategy For A SaaS Company

how to create content strategy for saas company

Knowing whether or not your SaaS content marketing will be successful and attract the right people can determine whether or not it is worth the investment for you. Planning what exactly you want to get out of your content and knowing what the benefits are can help you to make a plan that helps you grow your business and attracts new customers willing to buy from you. 

The SaaS industry is increasingly congested and competitive on a global scale so there is no choice but to help your software company stand out with quality content. Failure to do so could spell disaster for your software business.

Here are some considerations when you want to create a creation and marketing strategy that helps your content stand out in the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry. 

Educate Potential Customers 

One of the first things you are going to want to consider when you are creating content in the first place is what you want your ultimate goal to be. Do you want to create more brand awareness for your SaaS business, or are you looking to have them opt-in to your email list? 

Once you know this, you can create certain types of content that will perform different functions. The most important part of marketing is providing value to those who might use your product in the future. 

Create A Content Series 

A SaaS content writing series can be a great way to provide consistency in your business and help to achieve authority within the software space. You will want to know where your customers are and which platforms they spend the most time on to create your first series. 

This way you can test and see what performs well and what might need some tweaking in the future. A series can also be a good option for repurposing content for the future when you want to reach customers on other platforms. 

Use Multimedia 

Some people learn best by reading, while others are likely to enjoy watching video more. Ideally, you will want to be able to create content that reaches almost everyone in your SaaS target demographic. If you have the time and budget to make all forms of content, that can be ideal. 

However, even if you have to focus on only one type of content for your strategy in the beginning, you can always use the same topics in order to create any content you might need in the future. Again, this is where research can give you a good idea of where you should look to build your audience. 


It can be exhausting coming up with new topics constantly for your SaaS company. Fortunately, you can often reuse some of ideas you have in the future when you have the right type of budget so you can expand your company’s content. 

You can often reuse blog posts for podcast episodes, white papers, scripts for videos, and more. Not only does this make the entire process of creating a calendar easier, but it also provides consistency across your brand. 

Smart SaaS Content Strategy Summary 

The right content strategy can bring in your ideal customers and increase SaaS sales in a way that advertising and PR never can. With that in mind, you want to make sure that your software content strategy is in place so you reap the rewards from having it. 

Keep churning out the quality content and ensure it is adding value to your software-as-service leads and customers!

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