Advantages Of Choosing Fiber Optic Internet Connection For Your Home

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You may already be aware that a fiber-optic connection is the best when it comes to internet speed. However, do you know why you should ask the home internet provider to install a fiber- optic connection only? This article will shed some light on why this connection is considered the most reliable in every home nowadays. 

Fiber Optic Connection - What Does It Mean? 

As the name suggests, a fiber-optic connection is when the internet is pulled into your home using long cables filled with plastic or glass fibers. The data usually travels through these wires following patterns of light beams. The best part about choosing a fiber optic connection is that it is at least 20 times faster than an ordinary broadband connection. A fiber-optic connection runs at a speed of 1GBPS. 

Another reason why choosing a fiber optic connection is better than traditional broadband is the absence of copper wires gumming the works. While an ordinary cable connection comes with metal wires that can heat up efficiently, that is not the case with fiber optics. The heating of cables may lead to interference and weak signal issues. Now, you know why people say that cable and DSL connections are clumsier than fiber optic types. 

Why Should You Choose A Fiber Optic Connection Over Other Types? 

Finally, it is time to check out why there is so much fuss about fiber-optic connection and true. 


As mentioned earlier in the article, choosing a fiber optic connection means you get internet at least 20 times faster than an ordinary cable connection. While a fiber optic has a speed of 1GBPS, a standard cable connection offers just 50 MBPS to 100 MBPS. This is also the most common reason most internet users prefer to use a fiber-optic connection over a DSL or cable connection. 

Zero Throttling 

We all have faced problems like the power going off exactly when you are in the middle of something significant. For example, you are trying to watch a movie on a hot summer afternoon, and the fan goes off. The primary reason why these things happen is the overloading of powerlines. Besides, summers are when everyone wants to relax under the fan or keep their ACs on for some relief. 

The same problem occurs in the case of internet connections. As a result, internet providers utilize "throttling" to ensure there are no such problems. So, during peak time, you may find your cable internet connection speed dropping down to 20 Mbps to balance the load. However, it is not the case when using a fiber-optic connection and does not need throttling. It is because this type of internet connection is utterly susceptible to overloading. 

Highly Reliable 

As mentioned earlier in this article, people prefer a fiber optic connection over others as it is more reliable. Imagine watching a movie, and suddenly, the actor's face freezes because of a fragile internet connection. When you are using a fiber-optic link, there is no chance of such glitches. 

Final Thoughts On Fiber Optic Internet

The points mentioned above are the primary advantages of choosing a fiber optics connection. There are several more reasons why people prefer using this internet type over others.

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