5 Top Facebook Marketing Companies For Outsourcing

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So you have your new startup. You finally perfected your product or service. You hired an awesome team of dedicated employees. You are working on designing your webpage. 

But there is just one thing that you have left to do: advertising. 

Long ago are the days of traditional TV advertising. You can forget about magazine ads, too. 

Today, all of the most effective advertising is done through something that we all use: social media. One of the biggest social media apps that are perfect for advertising is Facebook. And if you want to be successful, you will need to find a way to advertise through Facebook. 

One great way to do that is by outsourcing your Facebook marketing. 

Why Outsource? 

When you are trying to cut costs, it may seem silly to outsource your Facebook marketing to another professional. But outsourcing your Facebook marketing to a company that specializes in it could be well worth the investment. 

Here are 5 top companies that you should look into if you are interested in outsourcing your Facebook marketing

5 Top Facebook Marketing Agencies

1. Disruptive Advertising 

Disruptive Advertising’s main focus is optimizing your company’s Facebook marketing technique. They focus more on the top of the funnel, a unique approach to Facebook advertising. 

They build campaigns and landing pages aimed at converting new customers to choose your company over others. They also perform regular maintenance and tweaking of their ads. 

2. Iron Roots 

Iron Roots is a full-service advertising company, providing everything from strategy to targeting and optimization. 

They specialize in all of the different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

The Austin-based company uses its own in-house technology to implement a multi-channel approach to help your company through personalized communication. They have some popular and loyal clients that they have serviced for years. 

3. Audiencly 

Audiencly specializes in working with brands as well as influencers to create Facebook ads using characters that your audience already knows. 

They work best with helping your company with branding and helping your company define specific goals and timelines. They can help beginning companies determine who exactly they want their target audience to be and then how to find them and speak to them. 

4. Lyfe Marketing 

Lyfe Marketing works as both a management agency and a social media marketing agency. 

They help you grow your brand’s relationships and awareness, also driving traffic to your company website. They understand that Facebook is the largest and best social media site to advertise on, and take the work out of your hands, making it easy for your to concentrate on other aspects of your business. 

5. Snow Agency 

If you’re looking for the best facebook marketing company, look no further than Snow Agency. 

Snow Agency, founded by two brothers, gained its expertise from working with social media marketing themselves for their own company. They saw how much work it took to put together a good social media ad campaign, so they know first-hand how to set up an online business for success. 

They understand that Facebook marketing goes beyond just an ad or two on the homepage. They help with all aspects of your Facebook page, from advertising and marketing to content to using influencers in ad campaigns. 

They offer customized Facebook ad strategies that are performance-based to help their clients discover their voice as a brand and stimulate growth among their audience. 

Outsource Your Facebook Marketing To One Of These Companies For Results 

If you want to run a successful Facebook page and ad campaign, consult with the professionals. They can handle the Facebook advertising work for you and make sure that your brand is cohesive and attractive to social media audiences.

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