How To Get Your First Instagram Followers For Your Business Or Personal Page

how to get first instagram followers boost account following

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today, with over a billion active daily users. The site is constantly evolving and sees steady growth of users, both for Businesses and Personal accounts. Suppose you want to create a humane digital presence while growing brand consciousness as either a person or a company. Instagram is an apt platform for you. However, there is a catch with Instagram, and it takes a reasonable amount of time and effort to get a formidable follower count on this social media platform. Even when you are famous, it may take you a while to get your first thousand followers and more. 

The truth is that no one wants to be the first follower on an account with 0 followers, that is why even if you are a top-notch expert in your field, it can be difficult to get your first Insta followers and gain audience trust. Despite this, gathering a good follower base is an achievable task. With a bit of smart planning and optimizing the use of your available resources, you can build your Instagram presence relatively quickly. 

Here are a few tips to enhance your Instagram strategy and grow your following. 

Tips To Fetch Your Instagram Business Or Personal Account Its First Batch Of Followers 

1. Optimize Your Profile 

Having your profile set up properly matters. Here’s how to go about setting up an impressive Instagram profile: 

• Ensure You Have A Good Quality Photo Up For Your Profile 

If you are trying to build brand visibility, consider using the same profile photo for all your social media accounts. This will gain you visual recognition and encourage your existing followers on other platforms to follow you on Instagram too. 

• Use A Business Account. 

Even if your profile is for personal use, consider turning it into a business account, as Instagram’s business accounts offer several additional features. You can do this for free, and you can turn your account back into a personal one if you do not like the experience. All you have to do is go to settings and “switch” your account preferences. 

• Set Your Account To Public 

Even if you do not switch your account to a Business one, check your settings to ensure your profile is public. A private profile remains undiscoverable and will not attract as many follower requests as a public profile would. Moreover, if your profile is public, Instagrammers can simply start following you without really waiting for you to accept their requests to follow your account. 

 Choose A Username That Is Searchable And Instantly Identifiable With You 

This handle is important, as you will be tagged by others using this. Mistagging can lead to a loss of followers. Ideally, your username should be able to double up as a keyword for your content too. 

 Fill In A Clickable Website Link 

You will have the ability to fill out a URL in your profile details if you are on a Business account. Ensure the link leads the audience to pages you would like traffic to be generated towards. This could be a blog post, a home page, a profile on another social media platform, or a survey questionnaire. The choices are endless. You can change this as frequently as necessary. So do not forget to keep it relevant for maximum visibility and reach. 

 Create An Eye-Catching Bio 

You have 150 characters to do this. Keep your bio keyword- enriched, as this is the only SEO-friendly part of your profile. Tell your audience what they can expect from your account here. This will enable the right audience to find you, and they will likely start following your account if your content matches what you promise in your bio. 

 Create A Call To Action

Finish your bio with a compelling call to action (CTA). It could be as simple as asking your viewers to follow you for more content, or you can direct them to click on your link for more information. Additionally, if it suits your business (and Instagram regulations in your country allow for it), add functioning CTA buttons for bookings, orders, and reservations on your IG profile.

2. Interact With Fellow Instagrammers 

The most organic and reliable way to attract followers to your account is to follow and interact with some of the existing Instagram accounts yourself. Here are some ways to do this: 

• Start by engaging with profiles and content of those you are familiar with. This could be brand partners, employees, family, and acquaintances. 

• Follow accounts and content of other members of your niche community. This will not only enable you to create a sense of bonding within your community, but it will also let you observe trending topics and content presentation techniques to enhance your Instagramming strategies further. 

• Humanize your brand by indulging in direct communication. Respond to reactions, messages, and comments in the shortest possible time. 

• Start interacting with fellow Instagrammers for collaborations. Whether you partner with influencers or fellow users, you bring yourself into visibility in your collaborator’s follower pool when you collaborate and create content. In addition, you are likely to draw some followers from this audience if your content is engaging enough. 

• Tag and mention other users in your posts, and encourage others to do the same. Your posts will be visible to followers of those you tagged or those that tag you. 

• Participate in conversations on relevant community pages to boost your visibility. 

Bottom Line: be social on your social media account. Engage with the platform to improve your engagement rates on Instagram. 

3. Create The Perfect Content 

Whether you choose to delegate this responsibility to a content creator or do it yourself, remember that the best way to attract followers to your account is to create content that speaks to them. You need to be able to generate content that would make a casual Instagram surfer stop scrolling down their home feed. If you can create posts and stories that will make viewers interact with it, leave likes and comments on it, your future posts are likely to get a boost upon their individual feeds. The more your posts generate interest, and the more your profile is likely to see viewer-to-follower conversions. 

For this to happen on Instagram you must: 

- Post-high-quality photos, videos, and Stories. 

- Create reels, videos, and Stories with goals in mind. 

- Follow editing best practices. Observe what filters work best for your posts if you use them. Likewise, consider your choice of music, gifs, and other enhancements carefully. 

- Post regularly and consistently. Create audience anticipation. 

- Optimize your posts with hashtags and geotags. Currently, you can add up to 10 hashtags on your Stories and up to 30 hashtags on your other posts. 

- Create content with a call to action to follow your account. You can organize fun games and challenges with this as a requirement for participation. Or, you can create teasers and cliff-hangers that require viewers to keep coming back to your account for more. Think out of the box, and you will soon see an increase in your follower count. 

4. Create The Perfect Captions 

Optimize post captions with primary and secondary keywords. Use Alt Text to make your posts more searchable and discoverable. If you have a goal set, it will be easy to tailor your caption to drive up the intended engagement. Repurpose ideas and keep your hashtags relevant to boost your post. Keep it authentic to create a sense of connection with your target audience. The best captions will provoke your viewer to thought and action. Consistently posting well-crafted posts will beget loyal followers of your account. After all, simply getting your followers to count to rise is not really very beneficial for your account if your followers remain inactive and do not interact with your posts. What you need is a healthy, organic, and active follower base. Well, thought-out captions like great videos and photos, will invite your followers to engage with what you post. 


There is no one size fits all formula for growing your Instagram reach. Depending on your hold and what your target audience is, you will need to devise your marketing strategy to increase your follower count. Using business account features like Instagram Insights may be helpful to track your growth and reach metrics and plan your next steps on the platform. Set micro-goals and learn how Instagram algorithms work to boost your visibility and attract maximum audience attention to your profile. Experiment with the various features and content placement types available on the platform. Instagram is constantly updating itself, and keeping yourself in the loop of the latest changes will enable you to plan how best to grow your Instagram audience. 

No matter what strategy you ultimately employ on Instagram, keep in mind that good content is its brand ambassador. Develop unique and authentic content and tell your story your way. You are sure to see your Instagram follower count go up soon as your engagement increases exponentially!

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