How To Download Social Media Videos With 3rd-Party Tools

how to download social media videos free third party tools

Social media takes up a considerable part of our lives. Some of us use them purely to communicate, find like-minded people, some for inspiration, and some — to find clients and grow their businesses. And most of us use networks as inspiration, communication, and business development — all at once. 

One of the hallmarks of social media is that it abounds with content in various formats, the most popular of which is video content. And here, of course, YouTube (although it is not a social network) is the undisputed leader. But we shouldn't forget influential social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok where video content is gaining more and more popularity today. 

But among this plethora of media content, it is vital to select what is important and exciting to you and save the video you find where it will not get lost, and no one will delete it (except you, of course). Such a place is your handy gadget (smartphone, tablet, or computer). 

Therefore, we have created a brief guide about how and with what video downloaders you may keep media content from trendy social media to your device. 

How To Save A Facebook Video 

Online Tools 

FBdownloader, FBDown, BitDownloader,, etc., are online savers developed for quick video saving. Like a Reddit downloader, such tools operate in a web mode. So, they shouldn't be installed to save a video. All you need to do to keep media content is copying its URL and inserting it into a downloader launched via a browser from your device. 

Browser Extensions 

Browser extensions, unlike online downloaders, require installation, but then you can go to FB and download videos directly from there. To find the best browser extension for you, just type in a google search Video downloader for Facebook and add Chrome Store (one example is a Social video downloader extension). 

So, after the extension is installed on your pc, visit FB, play the desired video, and click on a download button next to the video or on the right-hand side of the screen (depending on an extension you have chosen). 

How To Save An Instagram Video 

Online Tools 

There is a wide range of web-based IG video downloaders to pick out from, and DownloadInstagramVideo, DownloadGram, Instagram Downloader, IGram are some of them. They function in the same way as previous uploaders: you need to copy the video link on the platform, input it into an online uploader, and then the video will be stored on the default download folder. 


Some people prefer to install a special app on their phone to upload IG videos to their gallery this way. Here is an example of such mobile video downloaders: FastSave (Android) and InsTake (iPhone). 

How To Use FastSave: 

Install the app and open it to log in to your IG profile; pick a video on a newsfeed and click on a save button to get the video on your gallery. 

How To Use InsTake: 

Again, install the app and after that, go to your IG account to copy a video URL; go back to the app, paste the URL, and press a Download button. 


Whether you are going to download Tumblr video content, Facebook videos, Instagram Stories, YouTube media content, or any other content from the Internet, keep in mind one thing: each content has its author and thus using content for commercial purposes would be an infringement of copyright law. So be respectful of the authors and the content they create. 

By the way, HubSpot correctly has pointed out that the future of video content is also on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. So these two have become real competitors to YouTube. Thus, the theme of video downloading from such platforms is becoming more and more urgent. 

How To Save A Twitter Video 

Online Tools 

SaveTweetVid,,,, SssTwitter are Twitter downloaders that, like in the case with IG and FB savers, operate online. So again, all you need to do to upload a video is to copy its address on Twitter and then put in a web-based saver. 

One More Tool For Social Media Vid Downloads

Screen recording is another "tool" for video uploading (this trick will work for any social media). Screen recording is a built-in feature on your phone (but there are also separate screen recording apps) that allows you to record anything that happens on your screen at a moment of time (so it records more than just video). But don't expect good quality from saving videos in this way (it is one of the drawbacks of this method). 

To record a screen, activate the screen recording button (in the menu found by swiping upwards on the iPhone or in the settings on the Android), go to any social network to play a video and then return to the screen recording button to click on it and finish recording. Everything that has been recorded will be saved in the phone’s gallery. 

Other "All-Purpose" Tools 

Here are examples of online video downloaders that are designed to upload videos via their URL from different social media platforms: 

• 9xbuddy (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, etc.); 
• Keep downloading (Facebook, Vimeo, IG, Twitter, Liveleak, Dailymotion); 
• KeepVid ( from 28 different platforms); 
• YooDownload (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vid. me, SoundCloud); 
• OnlineVideoConverter (YouTube, LiveLeak, TeacherTube, etc.). 

Now thanks to these top tools you can access your saved social media videos any time and on any device!

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