How To Choose A Forex Strategy And Avoid Scams

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Evaluating an automatic forex trading software is more difficult when you don’t have a strategy. And let’s not forget about how scams can fool you just as easily as those desserts that look tastier than they are. 

Fortunately, there are ways you can choose a strategy and identify scams so you can find the Forex trading software that works best for you.

Avoiding Automatic Trading Software Scams 

When searching for forex trading software, the best thing to remember is that if any advertisement claims to offer a financial guarantee, it’s a scam. Other helpful hints can help you watch out for forex trader scams: 

● No Real-Time Examples - Anything claiming huge profits but can’t provide the data is going to be a scam. Backtesting should be available without purchase. 

User Reviews On The Robots - Be sure to check out reliable review websites. If there aren’t any user reviews, don’t even think about it.

Using Unregulated Brokers - Beware of outstanding results from unregulated brokers no one has ever heard of. Remember to beware of unrealistic statistics. 

If you are still unsure if it is a scam, you can test it using a demo account. Before trading with real capital, you can see what settings are set up. If the trading robot doesn’t offer a demo or test version, it might be too risky to invest capital in it. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Forex Trading Strategy 

Your Lifestyle – Consider how much time you want to spend trading, even if you are using forex trading software. 

Your Finances – Know how much you are willing to risk. 

Your Personality – Do you like to let the trading software do the work, or do you want to have more control? 

How To Choose An Automated Forex Trading Strategy 

If your strategy is messed up or flawed, it doesn’t matter if you are using software or doing it yourself since it executes trades based on your input and choice algorithm. Human creativity is better than any robot’s algorithm. 

● Understand Other Forex Trading Strategies 

Understanding the descriptions of different software will help you align your strategy to the software. Look out for keywords that can give you a hint of how the software works: 

Momentum — a technique defined by acceleration which can be a long or short position in the hopes that momentum will continue in a particular direction 

- Stop-Loss Order — if the security falls to a particular price, this is an automatic way to sell out of your position to limit loss (also look out for buzzwords like details of range, breakout, or trend. 

Profit Target — this is the point the software will exit a trade, and it is good to know when it will 

● Check The Market Conditions 

Match your forex trading strategy to the forex market. 

Any forex trading strategies only work in certain conditions because they are designed according to a particular market condition. 

Be sure to choose your strategy carefully, based on the Forex market condition. 

● Test Your Forex Trading Strategy 

Using a demo account to test your strategy can save you trouble later on down the road. Before you trade with real capital, you should identify the profitability and performance of your strategy. Remember to use backtesting as you do this, which can provide statistical feedback on any of the following: 

- averages 
- net profit or loss 
- annualized return 
- volatility measures 
- risk-adjusted return 
- additional data

● Review Forex Trading strategy 

Just because you choose a strategy once doesn’t mean you stick with it. Every system is different so check in to see how it is working and if you need to change it up—review the performance of the trades in groups. 

You should not continue using a strategy if your price interest point (pip), which represents a measure of the change in a currency pair in the forex market, isn’t going up regularly. 


Once you know your FX trading strategy, you are well on finding a Forex trading software that functions the way you need it to. 

Remember, nothing is a guarantee in FX trading, so don’t be afraid to switch it up if need be. 

And as always, beware of scams in foreign exchange currency trading. 

Lynn Smith is a student at Bethel University who studies English and Business. She is working for Sendkoala. She doesn’t have a plan after graduation except to never write an academic paper again. In her free time, she cruises around on her longboard and avoids eating mushrooms at all costs.

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