6 Tips To Promote Opening A Doctor's Office

how to promote new doctor's office opening advertise medical practice

You wouldn’t think that opening a new doctor’s office would be so challenging, but it can be. As a physician or specialist, you have a checklist of what your medical practice will require. 

Once you have completed regulatory and personnel paperwork, you need to know the little things you will need in your office. Things like swabs, syringes, office machines, a medical IV pole, examining tables, and so much more. 

Then the next question is how to promote the opening of the medical office? A doctor’s office is a professional medical business; therefore, it too requires marketing techniques like digital marketing to make opening a medical office a necessity. 

Here are six areas of focus when planning and having a new doctor’s office opening: 

1. Create A Website 

Creating an inviting and professional website for your medical practice goes a long way to grow your business, especially if your website offers many shortcuts. This can include scheduling appointments through your website, a video chat, and providing necessary contact information. 

Also, you can enhance your services by creating informative blogs on various aspects of your specialty for the public. Here you can explain different health issues related to your practice with an accent on Goggle search keywords. 

2. Use Local Media 

Local media platforms are available in even the smallest towns like at local universities or colleges. Physicians can use this media to promote the opening of their medical office. Advertising on radio and/or television is a very effective marketing tool for any business. 

Ask to schedule some time in which you can talk about your practice. You must leave time for a question and answer segment. Call upon your medical expertise with patients and corral all questions with short, yet succinct answers. 

Of course, you must invite your radio and TV audience to your new office. Media access for a new doctor’s office opening can also include sending out health information and a grateful thank you. 

3. Social Media 

Popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are the modern version of face-to-face connections. You can use popular social media platforms to engage with potential patients, introduce a medical blog, or talk about different medical topics. 

Social multimedia systems will provide wide exposure to future patients. It can easily and quickly reach people of all ages, seniors, middle-agers, Generation Z, and others. 

New doctors can pend their CV to a social media page where potential patients can receive the same type of answers to questions that they can get from friends and family. Plus, new physicians can reach a larger public, health-conscious audience that will find the doctor’s suggestions and medical acumen valuable. 

4. Referral Sources 

Another smart idea to promote the opening of a doctor’s office is accomplished through referrals from colleagues. Ask the local professional medical community to use you as a referral source. If your medical practice is the new kid on the block, then meet with local physicians or write them an introductory note about your specialty. 

Make appearances at local community events where you can network with potential referring physicians, politicians, the public, and colleagues. What is better than to have a long-standing medical practice get to know you and your specialty and then refer patients to your office. 

5. Open House 

Host a live open house or a virtual open house. Invite the public, potential patients, and the local medical professionals. An open house introduces the new physicians and their staff to the community. 

Advertise your open house within the local community and nearby neighborhoods through as many media platforms as you can think of. Another source to invite for a meet and greet to your medical facility is the neighborhood pharmacy staff. 

The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that your open house should contain a brief thank you to all attendees. Your comments should be brief. Lastly don’t forget to say thank you with a follow-up note. 

How do you know to whom your notes should be sent? Easy. You ask your open house attendees to provide their names and e-mail address. Thank all of the attendees and include information on how to make an appointment. Invite potential patients back into your office for future medical events. 

6. E-Mail Marketing 

Use email as part of your medical strategy to inform others of your new offices. Individuals who visit your social media account via email helps to create an avenue where you can share new blogs and the latest innovations in your specific medical practice. Use email to create a digital newsletter with key points about your practice and website.

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