Present Day Usage Of Bitcoins And Big Businesses Accepting BTC Payments

businesses that accept bitcoin payment companies taking btc pay

Over the last couple of years, Bitcoins have broken the cryptocurrency world by quickly gaining popularity. Bitcoins by many companies and businesses are seen as legit means of investment. 

This means Bitcoins are not just a scam to manipulate people investing in them, but it is seen as and dealt with as proper means of funds. According to research, many small businesses in the US also accept Bitcoin. This too assures its legitimacy. 

Aside from just businesses, accepting Bitcoins as their funds, many stores accept them as well. 

Bitcoins are not only used for store value but they can also be used as forms of payments and payment plans in various stores in different locations of the world. 

Here is a list of the most prominent and popular businesses or service providers, that accept Bitcoin as their payments: 

8 Top Companies Accepting BTC Payments


Microsoft easily is one of the largest and most popular companies in the world. With their products varying from computers to tablets to most of the software's that we use daily on our computers. Microsoft even after decades remains the most used and a favorite amongst many. 

Bitcoin can be used in the form of a credit on Microsoft accounts. This form of payment can be used for any purchases, whether it is for Xbox Live, Skype, Microsoft 365 or other numerous platforms Microsoft generously offers. 


A popular service provider, used by hundreds around the States also accepts Bitcoins as a way of payment. It is also one of the first service providers that accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. 

AT&T allows customers to have an equal and easy mode of payment and so payments can be made securely through Bitpay. 


In the last decade, the masterpiece of Elon Musk, Tesla has gained popularity and taken over other companies with its sheer intelligent product. 

As Tesla remains to be a renowned business, it also takes part in the Cryptocurrency market. Investments in Tesla model 3 now can be made through Bitcoins. 

Where the car costs $35,000 in paper money, it costs 0.615 in Bitcoin, which sounds like a win-win situation! 


Every avid gamer knows what Twitch is. A hub for online, real-time streaming and gaming service, which also accepts Bitcoin. 

The Bitcoin can be used as a payment method for users to subscribe to different streamers, giving the streamers a token of appreciation in the form of tips. 


Who doesn't love a good deal while traveling or going for a vacation? So guess what? One of the favorite sites, Expedia also accepts Bitcoins as payments for packages and offers. 

With a partnership with Coinbase, Expedia provides the perfect get-away deals. To learn more about earning Bitcoins for free and how Coinbase can be a huge help, head over to British bitcoin profit software for more information. 

Miami Dolphins 

Charity is a way of life. Giving others and helping others achieve their dreams is not only a good deed but also soothing for the soul. 

Miami Dolphins accepts Bitcoins, where half of the proceeds are promised to go towards the Miami Dolphins Foundations and its charitable causes. 

Why wait, when you can have all the fun you want, all the while also helping others around you. 


Wouldn't it be great if your favorite beauty retailers accept Bitcoins? Well, guess what? Lush does. One of the most recognizable beauty retailers across the US and UK. 

It accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment while shopping online. So why worry about those credit cards, when you could just use your Bitcoins and have all the products you need. 

Home Depot 

Home Depot is the center of all hardware needs. Anything you need while constructing or doing a home project, Home Depot is the go-to. 

To make lives even easier, Home Depot accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment. This can essentially mean, building your whole house with just the use of Bitcoins! 

Their acceptance of Bitcoin can be easily accessed with the use of Flexa’s checkout system installed at various stores. 

Bitcoins Are Everywhere! 

As the world progresses, and all systems go online, cryptocurrency especially Bitcoins has taken over the market. If you just look hard enough, Bitcoins are accepted anywhere and everywhere. 

They may be accepted at your favorite store, which we may not have mentioned. All you have to do is some research on businesses that accept BTC crypto and Voila! Another store pops up accepting Bitcoins. This trend will continue as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general continue to gain mainstream momentum and legitimacy.

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