Beginner Guide To Becoming A Pro At Mining Bitcoins

beginner guide become pro mining bitcoins how to mine btc

Bitcoins are all the hype now. The cryptocurrency which made news years ago has since gained much popularity to the point where everyone is looking to become a maestro in its usage and how BTC can be mined. 

Understanding what Bitcoin essentially is and how it can be used is intimidating. But all your BTC miner queries can simply be solved by visiting for more information. 

What Does Bitcoin Mining Mean? 

Cryptocurrency mining is time-consuming, heavy on the bank and the rewards or outcomes are often less profitable than expected. However, despite what may seem like hard work, cryptocurrency mining remains an appeal and an attractive offer to many investors. 

Similar to cryptocurrency mining, Bitcoin mining has its stages and potentials. Bitcoin mining is a process where new bitcoins are added to the circulation loop. The maintenance and development of the blockchain ledger remain a crucial part at this stage. 

Before diving headfirst into the mining process, there are a few things every beginner needs to know, we have simplified the steps for you down below! 

1. Bitcoin Mining Rig 

Traditionally, at the start of the bitcoin mining business normal day-to-day use computers were used with downloadable software to provide a more comprehensive use. However, now some supercomputers are popularly used that specialize in bitcoin mining. 

New hardware is the real deal now. Known as ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit chips), contains all the feature from the old software, but gives a quicker result ie. it mines bitcoins quickly, all the while using less energy. 

The AISC may be expensive and the manufacturing may be time-consuming, however, the result is fantastic considering its speed. 

Choosing the perfect AISC to accommodate your needs can be challenging, however, these aspects should be kept in mind while selecting: 

- Price 
- Performance rate (includes the speed and the longevity) 
- Electricity usage 

Conducting more research regarding each available model in the market can lead you to make an informed decision, which will lead you closer to successful bitcoin mining.For more information visit this website

2. Bitcoin Wallet 

When you start your mining journey, there will come a need to store all your bitcoins. Without having prior knowledge or preparation on where and how to store all your rewards can make matters difficult. 

Bitcoin wallet is your digital wallet that keeps track of all your mining and saves all your bitcoins for further usage. Whether it is to sell, buy or use bitcoins. 

Each Bitcoin wallet is associated with a bitcoin address which is provided in the form of a public and private key. As the wallet essentially works as safekeeping, both public and private keys also play a role. 

The public key comprises unique characters and numbers, which act as a bank account. This is mainly to allow easy exchange of bitcoins. 

The private key on the other hand serves to help with transactions. Private key remains essential, as without it the bitcoins saved on particular addresses can be lost. There are different types of bitcoin wallets, each providing its function and security. Some examples of bitcoin wallets are: 

- Paper wallet 
- Software wallets such as Atomic, Copay, Armory, etc. 
- Hardware wallets 

Each wallet type has its unique features and advantages/disadvantages. Choosing what suits and accommodates your needs is essential. It is recommended for beginners to start with software wallets as they are the easiest to keep track of. 

3. Mining Pool & Mining Programme 

Despite having good software, bitcoin mining can still be a difficult process. However, having the support of a community always makes things easier. 

This is what a mining pool essentially is. Miners join together and provide each other with computing power, which then results in the mining of more bitcoins. These bitcoins gathered are then distributed amongst the participants. 

After the success with the other steps, the last thing to do is to get mining software. This software provides a comprehensive review of the mining activity conducted. So for example, it distributes works to the miners, collects the results, and most important - adds all of this information to Blockchain. 

Get Mining BTC! 

All that hard work is done to reach this step. Mining at last! All you need to do now is link your BTC miner to your computer and start working! 

Keeping track of the cryptocurrency world will go a long way. Especially since now that you have invested your time and money to go through all this effort. Getting some rewards back will not only make you ecstatic but also give you the much-deserved bitcoins.

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