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Valve launched Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) in 2012. It's a First-Person Tactical Shooter, a 5v5 Match Between two teams popularly known as terrorists and counter-terrorists. 

The Terrorist Team is required to plant the c4 or eliminate all the counter-terrorist before time runs off. On the contrary, the counter-terrorist team is needed to defuse the c4 or eliminate the terrorists. The team to first win 16 rounds out of a total of 30 rounds wins the game. 

CSGO Grows

Being Very Popular with over 1 Million Daily Players Counter-Strike: Global Offensive faces severe cheaters and smurf problem. Cheaters are the players who use the help of external software to gain an advantage called cheats such as aimbot, Wallhack, Trigger bot and much more. Cheating gives them a huge advantage over regular players, and they get addicted to cheating. Smurfs are players of high rank generally of DMG+ Level Playing in very low rank such as silvers just for having fun with friends and trolling almost every player as a smurf thanks to CSGO for going free to play. 

CSGO Prime Status Accounts were Introduced to combat this situation of smurfs and cheaters. It's a Matchmaking mode specificity for prime users as the word suggests it's a premium matchmaking with exclusive drops for the players. 

Acquire Accounts

Players can achieve prime status by either buying it from the steam store directly or boosting the account to private rank 21, which roughly takes 12 weeks. Gamers prefer the second option just as it's cheaper, but the process is time-consuming CSGOSMURFNATION can solve this problem by providing cheap Prime Boosted Accounts & Ranked Smurf Accounts. 

Valorant Accounts is a new Game by Riot similar to CSGO, But with Various Agents having different abilities giving csgo a vast competition. 

Perks Of Valorant Accounts 

Valorant smurf and ranked accounts offer a long list of benefits. Some of the common ones include: 

• It saves the hassle of getting to a rank where you want to be 
• Unlocked characters, exclusive sprays, weapon skins, Gun Buddies, and a lot more 
• Valorant smurf accounts offer constant support for newbies 
• Several hours of pre-played game 
• Server region of your choice 

As you can see, the perks of purchasing a Valorant account are well worth the price.

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