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Smartphones are just about everywhere these days, and while the preference continued to lie with in-person or desktop business interactions for a long time, mobile is significantly eroding this now. The others had built up a long-standing trust with customers, thanks to being a physical presence and greatly enhanced cybersecurity protocols. People remained skeptical of mobile’s ability to offer everything that they needed online as well as keeping their details safe. 

Over time, this stance has faded, with the now-necessary device being as trusted as it is convenient. With its rise in popularity for shopping and seeking business, smartphones are now ending many more customer journeys than at any point previously. This shows that customers don’t just turn to mobiles for quick research anymore: they are researching, seeking specific goods and services, and then completing transactions. 

The mobile platform, however, has two methods of staging your business: through a mobile site or a mobile app. The vast majority of websites are now mobile compatible, so many enterprises brush aside the extra costs of creating and running an app. However, research in the US indicates that 90% of peoples’ time on mobile devices is in apps, with the other 10% dedicated to browsing the internet. 

One of the best examples of an industry fully utilizing the potential of apps over mobile sites is that of online betting. Their presence as an app has changed the game, helping us to see how just about any business can benefit from having a dedicated business or a companion branded app. 

Examining The Benefits Of Your Business Having An App

In the cost-benefit analysis of many businesses, most will weigh a mobile presence as sufficient. They may also feel their brand is not perceivably relevant for an app. Put simply, though, every app install gives the business a tremendous amount of exposure, a chance to connect to users, and is conveniently there and ready through devices looked at idly for hours a day. 

People enjoy having apps and downloading them to their phones because they are free, colorful, convenient, and could come in useful one day. Making your service convenient automatically provides your customers with more value. From there, you build a massive range of meaningful, helpful, and enjoyable interactions to offer further value that not only promotes your business but goes beyond getting transactions. A great way to achieve this is through the integration of a loyalty program through the app to encourage its use. 

Apps can also be tremendous cost-cutters in the long-term. While building your mobile app will likely require outsourcing, those costs can easily be balanced through the app’s potential to reduce the cost to serve and marketing costs. On your app, you could provide handy customer service features, such as instruction manuals, FAQs, or in-app live or AI-driven chats to offer immediate help without any further action yourself. 

Furthermore, apps are invariably given automatic permission to use the phone’s notifications feature, allowing you to broadcast new promotions, products, and content through the app at low-cost and directly to customers. In line with how direct apps are, you will also obtain peak visibility with customers. You can literally have your brand’s logo stamped on a potential customer’s home screen or in a folder for months or years. 

How The Masters Of Business Apps Are Getting It Done

If there is one sector to look to that has been able to immerse itself in the mobile app scene completely, it is online betting. According to the information provided by this app review platform, the highest-rated mobile apps offer all of the features of a betting site but with increased usability and convenience. Some see apps as being quaint, but the good betting apps are reliable and fast, have live in-play betting, live stats and streaming, instant cash-out features, all of the brand's promotions, and easily navigated design. Being app-based has enhanced the appeal of these businesses, with the apps providing more than just a complementary side option for many. 

Betting apps went down the route of making all of their online options accessible and improved by packing them into a mobile app. For some businesses that aren’t as interactive as a betting site, other means of providing value can be found. 

Take Nivea, for example. The skincare company sells the glut of its products through stores around the world and doesn’t particularly need to engage with potential customers outside of advertising campaigns. So, the company created the useful app Nivea Sun Kids, which enables parents to keep track of their children in crowded spaces, such as when at the beach. 

For the one-stop takeaway business Just-Eat, it was all about making its service of convenience even more convenient. The company doesn’t offer anything aside from a service that grants easier browsing and ordering of local takeaway options. Having an app with the ‘JE’ stamp on it enabled customers an even easier use of the service while keeping it on their home screens to ensure that Just-East was the first port-of-call for food. Convenience is king, and any company working an angle of convenient and customer-friendly service should strongly consider introducing an app as well. 

Master Mobile

As you can see, mobile apps are potent bits of software and offer businesses a tremendous range of benefits, even if you do have to get innovative to provide an app that doesn’t directly guide customers to sales in-app. So stop the excuses and master mobile marketing with awesome applications!

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