6 Services That Help Your Startup Run

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There may come a time in your professional life when you decide that working a 9-5 job is no longer for you. Maybe you are done with corporate life and want to work somewhere with more flexibility, or maybe you have just decided it is about time you take that idea you’ve been sitting on and start your own business. But while there are many benefits that come with running your own startup, it is a job that requires constant effort. Even if running your startup has been your longtime dream, that does not make the job any less tiring. However, this should not sway you from pursuing that entrepreneurial dream, you just have to find a way to make it work. 

If you are thinking of taking that leap of faith and starting your own business, be sure to use these 6 services that your help startup run: 

1. QuickBooks 

Being on top of your finances is imperative for all businesses, but especially for startups and small business owners. Quickbooks SaaS is an online accounting and bookkeeping service that is designed specifically to help small businesses manage their finances. 

With this service, you can easily track expenses, manage revenue, record invoices, and much more. If you run a startup, Quickbooks will save you time and money and will come in handy for all your accounting demands. 

2. FinancePal 

FinancePal is another great service for bookkeeping and accounting needs, but it is especially useful for filing taxes. FinancePal offers small business tax preparation services and connects small business owners to tax professionals. These professionals will evaluate your tax liability, maximize your tax deductions, file your taxes, and just take care of all your tax needs so you can focus on running your startup. 

3. UpWork 

Sometimes, you need to get help from outside sources. And when that time comes, use UpWork. UpWork is a platform that connects businesses to freelancers or independent professionals of all sorts. For example, if you need to hire a photographer for a shoot, you can submit a job posting on UpWork and find freelance photographers in your area. 

You set the price and timeframe, so it is a helpful and affordable source to use if you can’t bootstrap your startup like (like many do). 

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4. Evernote 

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You take on countless responsibilities and tasks and sometimes, it is just hard to keep track of them all. That is where Evernote comes into play. Evernote is a great tool to more effectively manage your startup. You can make to- do lists, set alerts for deadlines, take and organize notes, and more. When all your responsibilities are nicely organized on an app, life just seems a whole lot less daunting. 

5. SalesLoft 

If sales is a pivotal part of your startup, consider using SalesLoft to help you land and close deals. SalesLoft is a service designed to assist in increasing the efficiency of your sales reps. You will have a better understanding of what is and is not working for your business and how you can generate revenue and reach your goals. 

6. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is essential for all small businesses to track their performance levels across various platforms. Having a social media presence is crucial for most businesses, especially startups, and you need to be able to track metrics and performance on these platforms. With Google Analytics, you can measure KPIs, website traffic and bounce rates, engagement, and more. It is a very helpful service to use when running a website and/or social media platforms. 

Run Your Startup Right

As stressful and overwhelming as it is running a startup, the payoff is worth it. You have much more freedom and are able to pursue a career path that you truly are passionate about with startups. But when times get stressful (and they will), check out any of these services that will help you run your startup business much more efficiently.

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