How To Share A Crazy Idea At Work That Might Work

how to share crazy work ideas pitch projects

When allowed to contribute to the discussion at work, you have to make the most of it. You might have the chance to lead a project based on your idea. As long as it solves a problem, it's good enough. However, there are times when your mind takes you to a different place. You decide to pursue a crazy idea, but you’re confident it will work. It happens when you sketch out your plans using the best office supplies and other stationery online, and your imagination goes wild. Instead of dismissing your ideas, you decided to open them up to your team. If you want them to take you seriously, these are some tips to follow. 

Give A Logical Presentation Using Office Supplies And Other Tools 

Some ideas look terrible and bordering on crazy. However, when given enough attention, they might work. If you can present them logically, your colleagues might listen. Connect the dots and explain the interactions. Show them how your actions will lead to the desired results. You can use slides or office supplies to present your ideas clearly. If there's money involved, you can also justify the use of financial resources. After showing how everything will work, you might win people over and make them vote for your ideas. 

Cite Examples 

Even if you have a crazy plan, it's not unprecedented. There have been other projects in the past that also seemed weird at first. Facebook, for instance, started as an unbelievably ambitious project. No one thought it would work, but it did. You can look for more relevant examples to justify your claims. If you can connect the links, you might make others believe you. 

Try To Explain To A Close Friend First 

Before you explain your ideas to a bigger crowd, you can start with those you're close with. Tell them to be critical and honest but open-minded. They will tell you what the weak points are. You still have time to tweak your plan before the presentation. By then, you will already have solved the primary issues. You also prepare yourself for possible questions. 

Explain Why It’s Better Than The Status Quo 

The best way to win people over is by telling them the idea is feasible, and it can solve problems. It's also better than not doing anything at all. Some people are willing to take the risk if it means having the chance to change reality. They might have reservations, but they can give it a shot. Tell them what's happening and why it's not working. Present the common issues and how the current solutions aren't addressing them. Eventually, you will succeed in justifying the crazy idea. Others will believe that not doing anything is worse. 

Go Big Or Go Home With Your Perfect Pitch

There's no guarantee that people will listen to you. They will still be on the side of caution. They will explore other solutions that don't look like what you offer. However, if you can justify your proposal, you might win some of them over. Give it a shot and be confident. Sometimes, your confidence in your beliefs can win other people’s hearts.

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