How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

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With the uncertainty and troublesome times that have come with the pandemic, many people — especially business owners — need all the help they can get. 

Needing help doesn’t mean you need to go on a hiring spree; there are more efficient ways to make your business pandemic-proof. 

One of the easiest ways to give your business a boost during COVID-19 is to hire a virtual assistant

Improved Time Management 

At many small businesses, employees end up wearing too many hats. 

They get pulled in five different directions a minute — this often leaves them unable to complete the tasks they were hired for. And when employees get pulled in too many directions, inefficiencies start to pile up. Employees start to feel overwhelmed and become frustrated on top of that. 

Not being able to manage time effectively is a lose-lose situation. With a virtual assistant, you can delegate mundane tasks to allow your employees to get back to their specialized jobs. 

Around-The-Clock Customer Service 

With businesses choosing to (or being forced to) operate on limited hours during the pandemic, customer questions and concerns tend to go unanswered while employees are out of the office. 

Not having the proper infrastructure and help available for your customers is an issue for any business. Letting calls and chats go unanswered leads to missed revenue, reduced customer satisfaction, and dents in your businesses’ reputation. 

Plus, this is a confusing time — so customers have more questions now than ever before. It’s important to have 24/7 support for your employees to capitalize on every opportunity. A virtual assistant is a perfect solution. 

Even when the pandemic is over, virtual assistants can help pick up the slack on weekends and holidays when your in-office crew has time off. 

Cost Savings 

A virtual assistant costs significantly less than hiring a new full-time employee. 

A full-time employee will come with additional costs like insurance, benefits, higher taxes, paid vacation, and equipment expenses — all of which are significant investments — especially with the uncertainty of business during COVID-19. 

A virtual assistant can provide their own equipment. You also won’t have to pay additional benefits to a VA since the job structure is typically on an hourly contract basis. 

If you find a virtual assistant with the expertise you need to fill the role, you also won’t have to spend time and money training them. 

Ability To Scale 

When you aren’t sure what comes next and the pandemic is still looming, scaling a business can seem impossible. 

However, with the right processes, infrastructure, and workforce, you can grow despite these difficulties. 

A virtual assistant can help get your head above water so you can focus on improving critical areas of your business. An experienced VA can also do the same for your overworked and overwhelmed employees. 

Leverage A Virtual Assistant For Your Business 

It is scary to see businesses close their doors due to the pandemic — but you can help make your business as pandemic-proof as possible by hiring a virtual assistant. 

A virtual assistant can cut costs, improve time management, act as your customer service department, and ultimately help you scale your business. 

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