Are Companies Buying Houses For Cash Legit?

are companies buying houses for cash legit home selling safety money

Every once in a while, a person needs to sell their house in a hurry. You may have to move across the country for a job, or you may need to get rid of a property that you have inherited. 

If you Google “how to sell your home in a hurry,” many options will come up, and you may have wondered if these companies are above board. The truth is, some of them are legitimate, and others are not. There are a few general questions that you should ask to determine if the company to which you are thinking of selling your home is trustworthy. 

Details That Attract Scammers 

There are certain details that you should not provide right away. Scammers look for people who “must” sell their house in a hurry and for people who have homes they cannot sell because multiple repairs are necessary. 

There are some legitimate companies who want to buy homes that will require extensive repair. They will simply buy the home, fix it up and sell it. If a buyer makes you an offer without looking at the home at all, they are probably not legit. 

A company that is not legitimate may tell you that you can sign the deed over to them and keep making payments to them. If you do this, you will be their tenant and you will be paying rent. They can raise the rent as they see fit and they may also obtain credit from your home or even sell the property out from under you. 

You should also try to do business with a company that has its offices in the United States. Occasionally scammers will call offering to pay cash for your home. They will tell you that they are having a problem due to international banking laws, and they will ask you to send them money so they can “pay a fee” before they buy your house. 

What You Can Expect From A Legitimate Company 

A legitimate cash home buyer will belong to the Better Business Bureau, and they will have a customer service staff that can answer your questions when you call. Make sure they have had an office in the same place for several years and that the people who run the company have a background in real estate. 

According to the website, the buyer you choose should have a set series of steps for sellers to follow. The seller should never change the terms of the sale in the middle of your interaction with them. 

A legitimate seller will have references and positive online reviews. The paperwork should be easy to understand, and they should be able to answer any questions you have about what you are signing. They will have a website that will describe each step of your home buying journey. 

Cash Is King Conclusion

Selling your home for cash can be one of the fastest, simplest ways to get the money you need. If you ask plenty of questions and do your research, you should be able to find a buyer who is legitimate and easy to work with.

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