10 Tips To Avoid Hidden Extra Car Charges

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Imagine you went for an enjoyable trip and on your return, the car rental companies present a hefty bill with extra charges that seem to come from nowhere. This situation is a scary one as all the tempo which you gained on the trip vanishes away, leaving behind worries and confusion. 

This case is more common that one would think. People hire cars and post-trip they have no idea of the extra charges put up by the rental firms. To save yourself from falling prey to the hidden costs of these rental firms, given below are 10 safety tips to ensure you have not: 

1. Don’t Go For Extra Driver 

Many rental companies charge an extra fee for the additional driver or the extra seat or a satellite navigation. Adding these to trip may cause you a burdened amount of which you might not be pre-informed. 

2. Airport Charges 

It is always comforting to get off the plane and get into a car but airports usually charge concession fee to the rental agencies which in turn are added to your bill. A cheaper option might be either by train or cab to reach your destination. 

3. Buy Excess Waiver Insurance From A 3rd Party Insurance Specialist 

One of the most expensive is car hire excess insurance. When you rent a car, it usually comes with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), that covers your liability in the event that the rental car is damaged or stolen. This basic coverage is subject to an ‘excess’ meaning that you could have to pay towards repair costs, regardless of who is at fault. Your car rental provider may try to tempt you with many insurance schemes, but they may add a lot to your rental fee. It is always advisable to buy insurance from a 3rd party to avoid any confusion. 

There are many insurance agencies which reimburse the repair cost of vehicles and many other damages such as windscreen, tyres etc. many insurance companies cover for any stolen personal belongings too. It would help if you made the right choice. 

4. Early Return Charge 

Yes, you read it right. A late return fee is known to all of us, but many rental firms can charge you for returning the car early. Make sure you enjoy the trip entirely and make use of all the available time to avoid the spill. 

5. Look For The Fuel Policy 

Many rental companies have an empty fuel policy, where you need to produce the car with an empty tank. Also, others have a full fuel policy and insist on getting the fuel-tank full before their return. Always have a close look at this point. 

6. Taxes And Permits 

Rental companies add that that extra taxes and permit fee to your billed amount and many of you end up bare pocketed. Beware of these extras and ask the rental companies beforehand to save your money. 

7. Nominated Drivers 

Many Rental companies have a no allow policy for people under the age of 25. Nowadays, the rules have been relaxed, and they even permit but with an extra surcharge on a per-day basis. Make sure you are made aware of these things. 

8. Frequent Flier Charges 

The frequent flier points or the reward points which you tend to utilize may lend you in trouble as you may not be aware and end up paying for that extra amount in your bill. Rental companies never like the idea of giving benefits on frequent flier points, and many add extra money to your bill as the processing charge. Be wary of this hidden charge. 

9. Peak Season Charges 

Car rental companies use the phrase of peak season and peak hours and can add quite a lot amount to your bill. It would be best if you were more careful in booking the cars as what you may consider as the peak hours may prove beneficial to you because of the comparatively lower rates and availability of many vehicles. 

10. Drop Off Charges 

Another unrevealed thing maybe regarding the charges when you return the vehicle to another location other than the place from you rented. As this adds an extra load on the renter to get the car back to its place, they levy this charge on the customers. After all, why would one bear the burden? 

Car rental companies have managed to stay in the game by providing many benefits and tempting the customers by giving them what they want. People should make their choices wisely and its always better to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing any document. A well- planned trip worth a few dollars more is better than any journey which is full of chaos and confusion. 

Car Costs Conclusion

To save agony so such charges choose a car rental which will cover major damages excluded by other rentals. With us you can reimburse charges billed to you due to damage to the rental car’s windscreen, auto glass, tyres, undercarriage or roof and possibly more.

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