Tangible Benefits Of A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

tangible benefits successful digital marketing strategy

If 2011 was the time when digital marketing started to grow, 2021 is its pinnacle. You are fighting for seconds of visibility with tons of content spread all over the internet. Thankfully, digital marketing still allows you to carve your niche through an integrated strategy. 

But how do you know if your digital marketing strategy is working? Yes, sale conversions are a good measure, but marketing is much more than that. What your customers see today might result in a sale tomorrow, but that's not it. There are many benefits of a successful digital marketing strategy that every entrepreneur and marketer should be aware of, and we have listed them below. 

Click-Through Rate 

Click-through Rate or CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks your advertisement got to the ad's number of impressions. A higher CTR means your pay-per-click advertising offers a high value. As a result, your ad quality score increases, and you'd have to pay less for each click. 

If your ad has higher relevance, marketing platforms will offer you lucrative discounts. You'll also be able to maintain your ad position, and hence stay relevant in your niche. An effective digital marketing strategy involves creating catchy ads that include efficiently segmented keyword groups and good visibility, resulting in a high CTR. 

Total Visits, Time Spent 

A visit is when even a single page is loaded on your website. It is different from the total number of visitors, as even one visitor can visit multiple times a day. The analysis of the visits includes incoming visits and bounce visits too. 

A visit is deemed complete if no action is taken within 30 minutes. A bounced visit is when a visitor moved away after reading just one page. An incoming visit includes those visits that opened at least 2 pages. If your page has a high number of visits, your digital marketing strategy is effective. 2 to 3 minutes is considered a good time spent on the website, as it gives enough time for users to read through your content and interact if they want to. 

Bounce Rate 

The ability to measure bounce rate is another tangible benefit of a digital marketing strategy. Bounce rate is a good signal of user engagement. A lower bounce rate typically means that your marketing strategy is successful. 

It should be combined with other metrics like pages per visit and session duration to determine your campaign's effectiveness. A 50% bounce rate is typically considered good, but anything above 65% can be an alarming factor. It isn't an excellent factor to measure your strategy's success though, as Google may term a visit bounced even if a user leaves 5 minutes after landing on the site after clicking your ad. 

Lead / Close Ratio 

A successful digital marketing strategy would have a high lead-to-close ratio apart from the lead count. While a good advertisement and sign-up form can lead to a closed lead, an integrated digital marketing strategy helps close it too. 

You should try following up on the first interactions. Gaining as much information as you can from the lead becomes essential in this aspect. A HubSpot study states that a 15-30% lead/close ratio is considered good. Email marketing is a useful element to boost this ratio and make your campaign successful. 

Email Marketing 

Another highly effective digital marketing strategy for B2B and B2C campaigns, email marketing, includes sending email to customers and leads. At least 90% of all consumers check their email at least once daily. Unlike social media channels, email remains forever untouched and has a formal touch to it. It's the preferred channel for official communication, and hence people take it seriously. 

Email marketing has an exponential ROI. That can be attributed to low investment in emails and a high conversion rate. A study showed that about 138% more people buy marketed products through email than those who didn't receive mail. Interesting, right? Now you know why your digital marketing strategy must have a separate segment for email campaigning to boost success. 

Ad Success 

A lot of parameters decide the success of your ads. These include impressions, CTR, viewers, and conversions. You must compare different weigh-in metrics to determine the success of your digital marketing campaign. 

A reasonable conversion rate is when someone clicks on your ad and purchases your idea. Still, at times, a customer may even make a good impression and later get converted. 


A dynamic approach is required while measuring the success of your digital marketing strategy. Make a well-thought strategy and give it enough time to flourish. You'll start seeing the tangible benefits sooner than later. For an unmatched digital marketing strategy, you must approach an expert marketing agency Australia. What are your most trusted digital marketing tips to build your business brand online

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