Marriage Loan: Top NBFCs That Are Disbursing Marriage Loan Within 24 To 48 Hours

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A wedding for any person is a big affair. Anyone would wish for a picture and feel-perfect wedding. However, everyday expenditure and liabilities sometimes restrict individuals from getting their hands on a fairy-tale-like wedding. But then again it is the 21 st century we are talking about. In this era, you can easily get marriage loans for your wedding. So regarding finances, you can achieve complete mind peace for the big day. This is the era where NBFCs or Non-banking financial companies are paving their way and proving to be a lot better than personal loans. Due to their customized offerings, strong risk management, forceful digital presence, and a broader reach, people all over the world prefer these loans to a large extent these days. 

Planning Weddings In Better Ways 

When you need to constantly think about all expenditures while planning a wedding, it spoils the entire mood. You certainly do not want to make your loved ones feel the pressure. But with the help of NBFCs, anyone can now easily plan weddings as they can now get hands-on instant cash in their bank accounts. The NBFCs completely believe in customer satisfaction and no hassles that’s why they demand very little documentation from their valuable customers. However, it is also very much the customers’ duty to provide only authentic documentation for experiencing a hassle-free process. 

NBFCs Giving Weddings A Personalized Touch 

Some of the most celebrated and reputed NBFCs that are helping people enjoy the excitement of weddings and stop worrying are mentioned as below: 

Money View – A marriage loan from Money View can help you in several ways. 

Less Documentation – When it comes to loans like a vehicle or home loan, you will need to provide a lot of documents to avail the loans. But personal loans like marriage loans from Money View require very little documentation which makes it a lot easier to avail. 

Affordability – The most economical option that you can choose to plan your wedding is by availing of marriage loans from NBFCs. It is much more affordable than loans offered by unorganized lenders. The interest rates on personal marriage loans are lower. 

Personal marriage loans from Money View include a competitive interest rate: 

➢ The rate of interest begins at approximately 1.33% every month. ➢ The processing charges range from around 2.5 to 6%. 
➢ Anyone can even repay the loans in installments i.e. in three EMIs. 

Dhani – Now making weddings even grander with wedding loans from Dhani. 

A Loan From The Comfort Of Your House – Availing wedding loans from Indiabulls Dhani is a very easy procedure. The mobile app or web procedure makes it very hassle-free for anyone to opt for loans right from the comfort of their homes. A person only requires a tablet or a phone to avail of loans. After app installation or logging in to the website, there are some relevant details a person needs to fill. Instant approval is guaranteed with money in the bank account within minutes. There is no need for providing any security or collateral. 

Features – The wedding loans from Dhani range from around Rs. 1000 to 15 lakhs. As this is a digital process, the area of documentation is absolutely hassle- free. The period of tenure ranges from three to thirty-six months. Wedding marriage loans from Dhani incorporate a competitive rate of interest: 

The rate of interest for personal loans for Dhani commences at around 13.99% 

Gopaysense – When it comes to Gopaysense, wedding dreams go far beyond simple dreams. 

No Credit History – You can see zero information on your credit history if you have not availed of any loan earlier. But this will never stop you from availing of marriage loans from Gopaysense. Even when you are very new to the lending and credit system, Gopaysense lets you avail of loans easily. 

Quick Approval And Easy Document Collection – Loan approval from this renowned NBFC is very prompt that lets you witness the money in your bank account within minutes. Document collection is conducted at your doorstep which makes it even more convenient. 

KreditBee – Availing a personal marriage loan was nevermore easier until KreditBee came into the limelight. 

Easy Steps For Availing Of Personal Loans – ‘Signing up’ includes an easy process either through Facebook or Google. Only basic information is required to check eligibility. You can receive profile verification after uploading documents. Presenting salary proof and employment details is a must-to-do procedure for getting the loan. 

Maximum Amount And Tenure – At KreditBee, you will be happy to learn that you can avail up to an amount of 2 lakhs. The maximum tenure for which you can avail of the personal marriage loan ranges from 3 to 15 months. 

The rate of interest begins at approximately 1.02% every month. 

Credy – Arranging marriages need not be burdensome anymore with personal wedding loans from reputed NBFCs like Credy. ➢ Paperless loans – Not just instant approval but with Credy, there is no documentation and paperwork included as the entire process is conducted virtually. 

No Requirement Of Mortgage – The unsecured loans from Credy never require security for granting loans. They only offer loans depending on salary stability and credit score. 

The interest rate commences from around 1 to 1.5% of the amount of the loan every month. The tenure of the loan is from three to twelve months. 

Marriage Loans Conclusion 

Is there a wedding at your home just around the corner? There is no need to worry about expenses anymore. Now that you know the names and features of the above-mentioned NBFCs, you can easily avail of marriage loans as per your requirement. Be it arranging the venue, decoration, food, or lighting, you can now impress your guests like never before with complete financial support from the NBFCs. With less rigidity on eligibility criteria, less to nil paperwork, fast loan processing, digital process, and unique customer service, the benefits of availing loans from NBFCs are just too many. However, as you avail loans for arranging a grand and successful wedding occasion; responsible lending must always be initiated.

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