10 Top Growth Stocks To Buy And Trade For Market Investors

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The stock market is profitable; however, you should be knowledgeable about what you are doing. You should be in a position to identify the best stocks to acquire depending on the latest growth trades for the stock market if you are to make a significant sum of money. 

Amid the pandemic, some trends came about, and they related to the lockdowns implemented to ensure the corona virus could not spread further. Well, most of the stocks will become profitable once things get back to normal and dividends start returning as well. 

Below are the latest trades that are growing for investors in the booming stock market: 

10 Top Growth Stocks For Market Investors

1. Castle Biosciences 

The company is currently worth $1.2 billion. According to the stock entry points current trades, it is a viable investment option for traders. 

The firm usually handles tests relating to eye and skin cancers. The company’s shares began trading less than two years ago. During this short period, the stakes have grown significantly from the initial IPO price, which was $16. 

2. Hilton Worldwide Holdings 

The company is under the lodging sector, and it is worth $29 billion. The firm is currently focusing on recovering post-COVID-19. 

As the pandemic fades, the demand for the services offered by the company will grow. Traders can adhere to the tips provided by stock entry points current trades to invest in the Hilton Worldwide Holdings. Analysts are confident that onwards the company’s earnings will skyrocket. 

3. Pinterest 

This is a social media platform worth $42.3 billion. Using Pinterest, you can share images with other users on the forum. Pinterest mainly offers inspiration. For instance, if you are offering interior design services, you can check out Pinterest for inspiration. 

Pinterest usually generates revenue through advertising. The ad technology being used on the platform ensures people who want to advertise can upload their catalog to the forum. People can also purchase items swiftly. Analysts are confident that the Pinterest shares will grow significantly within the next few years. 

Are you a patient investor who focuses on long-term growth? Well, you can acquire the Pinterest stocks and watch them grow progressively. You will then sell at an opportune moment. 

4. Upload Software 

The upload software is application software. This publicly traded firm is currently worth $1.3 billion. According to analysts, the Austin, Texas-based firm is a suitable option for stock traders. The company has more than 10,000 clients, and the revenue has grown progressively over the years. 

5. Microsoft 

The firm deals with infrastructure software. It is currently worth $1.6 trillion as one of the most valuable companies in the world. The Microsoft stocks are highly ranked, and the returns are assured. As you acquire the Microsoft stocks, you will be assured of safety, timeliness, and financial strength. The company is growing rapidly because of cloud computing. Traders who focus on long-term growth are set to reap significant returns in the next few years. 

6. PayPal 

Holdings This is a firm that offers credit services. Currently, it is worth $247 billion. Since 2015, when PayPal and eBay spun off, the firm’s stocks have grown significantly. Investors are yet to cash out since they foresee the company growing further. You should consider acquiring PayPal stocks now. 

7. IEC Electronics 

The company deals with electronic components, and it is worth $121.9 million. The firm's stocks have grown progressively in the past six years, and they are still growing. 

IEC usually deals with devices meant for the defense and medical sectors. If you are looking for the latest growth trades in the stock market today, IEC is your best bet. 

8. Alibaba Group 

The company falls under the Internet retail category, and it is worth $713.7 billion. Alibaba is growing fast, and the revenue has at least tripled in the past few years. The stocks are also growing fast. As a trader, you are supposed to focus on the potential Alibaba possesses, which means you can acquire the stocks now at a good low stock price. 

9. Twilio 

The company falls under the internet content and information sector. The current value of Twilio is $50.2 billion. The firm ensures businesses can integrate email, chat, video, and voice products to boost consumer engagement. For appointments, there are automatic text notifications. 

Twilio is investing significantly in growth, and the profit margins will grow progressively. In the next four years, the stocks will have grown considerably. As a trader, you should seize such investment opportunities on time. 

10. Wayfair 

This company falls under the Internet retail category, and it is worth $21 billion currently. Currently, the firm has more than 10 million active clients. The repeat order volume is also high. Since physical stores are being closed down amid the pandemic, there are bound to be more online sales. It is predicted that the company’s shares will be worth $350 in a year, which means Wayfair is among your best bets as a trader in the stock market for top stock trades. 

Final Thoughts On Top Growth Stock Trades

Are you a stock market trader, and you don’t know which growth trades you should opt for in the coming months? Well, Stock Entry Points have listed more than 10 firms that you can invest in as you focus on their long-term growth. Take a look and invest in the top growth stocks on the market today with minimal risk!

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