How To Get A Job Through A Staffing Agency

how to get a job through a staffing agency

Most job seekers have a misconception that a staffing agency only provides entry-level and temporary jobs. Other people think that these agents never help people get jobs at all. But is there a grain of truth in these claims? What do experts say? 

According to Team Global, all these claims are false because staffing agencies help job seekers find jobs in all fields, from entry-level to executive positions, or even temporary and permanent employment. Using a staffing agency to get a job will be easy if you first learn how they work. 

1. How The Staffing Agencies Work 

When a client company has a vacant position that needs to be filled, they contact a staffing agency and state their job requirements. The agency then advertises the job through their social media or website, and job seekers send their applications. The agency receives the applications and shortlists the most suitable candidates. They will also carry out interviews and choose the best candidate for the position. The selected candidate will be working for the client but getting paid through the recruitment job agency. If the company decides to employ them permanently, they start getting paid by the company directly. 

2. Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency To Find A Job 

● It Is Free 

Job seekers do not pay staffing agencies to get jobs. The company looking for an employee is the client, and they pay the staffing agencies to recruit employees for them. 

● They Search For Jobs For You 

After you sign up with a staffing agency and tell them your qualifications, they will always alert you whenever a job fit for you comes up. They usually know many job openings that are not advertised on other sites, and the job seekers can also search for jobs on their internal job site. 

● They Have A Variety Of Jobs 

You can choose to go for agencies that specialize in your field. The agencies also offer different types of jobs with different descriptions and positions. This means that you cannot lack a job specification that suits you. 

● They give the applicants feedback Unlike most firms that do not acknowledge your application or notify you of your application's progress, staffing agencies do. They advise on how to improve your resume and conduct yourself best during an interview. 

3. Tips For Landing A Job Through A Staffing Agency 

● Treat All Interviews Like A Real Interview 

The staffing job agency might call you for an interview to get to know your skills better. Dress appropriately, know what to say, and carry all the required documents with you. If asked to complete skills assessment tests, do them well and give them your best. 

● Be Honest 

Do not lie about any information. If your employment history has a gap, let the recruiter know the truth. They will know how to explain this to the client. If you are looking for a permanent position, do not be afraid to state that. Talk about your goals with the agency and be flexible. Do not lie about your availability. 

● Keep An Open Mind 

If you want a permanent position and the one available is short-term, it is okay to take that as you wait for a permanent one. It will increase your skills, which might be an advantage when you apply for the next job. Also, you might impress the employer, who can end up offering you a permanent position. 

● Be Persistent And Patient But Follow Up 

It is okay to send an email thanking the job agency and showing your interest to know how the recruitment process is going. Wait for about a week to ask about the progress. However, ensure that you are also patient enough not to portray signs of desperation. 

● You Can Say No 

If you are offered a position and feel that it is not fit for you, there is no harm in saying no. Maybe the hours do not favor you, or the salary is not what you expected. Explain to the recruiter why you don't want the position. It will help the recruiter find a better job for you next time.

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