Guide To Choosing A VoIP Service For A Startup

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Do you want to have a telephone communication system that fulfills the requirements for your startup? Or are you a home consumer looking for economic residential phone plans that do not compromise on the features? Either way, you have come to the right place for telecommunications talk. 

This guide intends to help you guide to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that meets your needs at a fraction of what you pay to your local telephony provider. And with the additional advantage of boosting the productivity of your workplace. 

Selecting just the right VoIP service is tricky for your telephone system needs. And there is no right answer to the question: What is the best VoIP service? It all boils down to what you need and what is available in the phone system market. 

This post discusses what you need to consider for your business and how AxVoice will handle the technicalities. 

However, for those who’re reading this guide and looking for a VoIP telecommunication system for residential purposes — we have got you covered as well. 

But What Is The Difference Between A Business VoIP And A Residential VoIP?

In short, not much really. The majority of the VoIP companies offer packages that fit the bill for both residential and business purposes. It’s up to you to know what you need and what is excessive. There are some overlaps in the offerings for both purposes. And it’s useful more than not. 

In the past, VoIP services were mostly leveraged for professional purposes, though that has since changed. Increasing demand for internet phone calls has been seen for home environments as well. 

What To Look For While “VoIP Hunting”? 

There are trade-offs for most of the startup voice over internet protocol service packages we use. While some service providers might offer cheap prices, they might not be very reliable or invested in security. Others may offer you free bundles of features you may not require in your telephone use. 

So a detailed list of expectations is necessary while window shopping for a VoIP service. And everything else will follow. Be sure to go for something that offers optimum security, robustness, and reliable customer support within your budget range. 

Keep in mind that VoIP services often involve subscription fees (usually on a rolling basis), but are economical in the long run. This is aided by free or low-cost call-time that comes in the subscription bundle. And if you happen to make lots of international calls at peak times, then you just might be in luck. The cost of such telephony is significantly lower and more reliable as compared to traditional telephony. 

So what VoIP service would fit the criteria for the above-stated requirement? AxVoice just might have the answers. 

Usually with great features, comes steep pricing, right? Not with AxVoice. Touted as one of the most affordable VoIP phone systems in the U.S, AxVoice presents a seamless calling experience and isn’t heavy on the pocket. And it fits all the requirements you should be looking at for a standard VoIP service. 

But what do you need to look at while determining the optimum service for your startup or your residential needs? Here’s a list for your reference: 

Know Your Requirements Beforehand 

Some features are pretty standard for a VoIP service. This includes Caller ID, call- waiting, and call-forwarding among others. These can be buffed by advanced features such as the auto-attendant, call-screening, transcribing calls service as add-ons. 

Some of your requirements may be free while others can be added with extra charges. You will be pleased to know that however you phrase your requirements, AxVoice has a plan for it. 

Narrow Down VoIPs That Fit The Bill 

Once you have narrowed down your requirements, it’s time to decide how much you would be willing to shell out for the service. Just because the VoIP service is right may not mean every plan is for you. Look at your current bills and software expenses every month. And then compare it to AxVoice’s offerings. 

Look at your current telephone bills and other communication software expenses you incur. Note down all the features you pay for and compare them with the VoIP offerings you need. And then look at AxVoice’s price plans for individual packages 

Customer Support 

Consider this: VoIP is probably going to be the main source of reaching out to your clients, leads, and the team. If it goes down, so does your business. That is why it needs to be backed with high-quality customer support. 

You might need help setting up the system or integrating third-party features. Backed by a robust customer support system, the VoIP service will remain seamless. And if it is the 24/7 support you are looking for, AxVoice provides all of the above and more. 

Plan & Pricing 

Once you know that AxVoice is the VoIP service you want, check their plans. Apart from just the hardware and software, do have a look at charges for installation and continuing support. A look at usage limits and terms and conditions would go a long way as well. 

Find the one that gives bang for your bucks. And go with it. 

And while you’re at it, look at the following features AxVoice provides in its subscriptions: 


AxVoice provides plenty of outbound call features to get you going. Get back control on your calling by blacklisting anonymous calls, conceal your ID, and add more people in a call via the conference-calling option. 

Block Caller ID 

Block your caller ID from showing up on others' phones and keep your home or business phone number completely discrete. It is one of those features that you just can't afford to miss when you have a VoIP phone. 

3-Way Calling 

You can add an extra participant to your calls or drop them from a conference call without disconnecting the entire party. 

Music On Hold 

You can keep your callers engaged while they’re on-hold using AxVoice’s music-on-hold. 


You can now dial enhanced 911 (E991) and it forwards you to the dispatcher number. Dial 911 on your AXvoice issued VoIP devices and inform the authorities if you are in danger, without saying a single word. 

International Call Blocking 

You can block international calls outside North America so that you don’t have to pay more than the AxVoice plan (if you are not on an unlimited international plan) you signed up for. This option can save you a lot of money if you know a lot of people outside the U.S or Canada. 

Codec Options 

Internet provider giving you low bandwidth? With AxVoice, you can now switch to low-bandwidth codecs such as the G.711a, G.711u, GSM, and G.729. 

Alternate Caller ID 

You can set multiple numbers linked to your VoIP account. And when you make an outbound call, you can choose which number will show up. AXvoice allows you to facilitate multiple phone lines. And you only pay the price of one with their VoIP product

7-, 10-, and 11-Digit Dialing 

AxVoice comes with the facility of 7-, 10-, and 11-digit dialing to give you convenience while dialing numbers. Discard the need for dialing country (or area) codes as you make local calls. 

Interested in buying into their VoIP service? Give their phone service site a go. The customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email. 

Their VoIP service is designed for both residential and business customers in mind.

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