3 Frugal Ways to Customize Jackets

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Would you like to put your own personal touch on your jacket while staying frugal? 

There are few things better than expressing yourself through your clothes. What we wear can give people an insight into our mood, beliefs, and personality. 

We may like what we buy from a shop, but we can actually go one step further and personalize it. Not only is it fun to do, but you create your own style. Plus, you'll have a one of a kind piece of clothing. 

In this article, we'll share three fun ways in which to customize jackets. No doubt you'll turn heads on the street by following these. Read on for more information on how to customize jackets with frugal fashion personalization. 

1. Use Pins to Customize 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to customize your jacket is to use pins. They have been used by people for years due to their simplicity. 

One of the great things about pins is that you can swap them out whenever you like. So, you can wear whatever pins you feel like at the time depending on your mood. 

This is a big advantage over paint and embroidery which is often permanent. We highly recommend using a lot of pins to really show off your new-found style. You can't have enough pins on a leather or denim jacket. 

2. Get Messy With Paint 

The next method is a dirty job but perhaps the most fun. 

By using paint to decorate your jacket, you can really let loose and design it how you like. The paint looks great on any jacket but especially on dark black leather. 

It's also something you're likely to get complimented on and even make your friends jealous with. 

Before you start customizing jackets, just make sure to put old sheets down to avoid getting paint on your furniture. You also need to remember to let the paint dry before you head out. 

3. Try Out Patches 

Last on our list is a method that has been used for decades for jacket decorations. 

Just like pins, patches allow you to show off your personality and express yourself. You can showcase your political interests or, even your favorite inspirational quotes. 

Patches give off that rugged, vintage look but make the jacket timeless. 

Also, don't worry if you can't sew. There are now a wide variety of iron-on patches that you can apply to your jacket in no time and with no threads or stitches needed. 

You can even design your own jacket patches to make them unique to you. 

The Best Ways to Customize Jackets Instantly 

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article on frugal jacket customization and it has given you some inspiration. 

As you can see, there are many ways in which to customize jackets. Each way has its own benefits but they all allow you to make your jacket unique to you. So not only can you express yourself more, but you'll have fun designing it. 

Finally, check out our blog for retail advice and fashion news. We publish a wide variety of helpful articles on frugal fashion and work clothing choices!

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