7 Top Small Business Packaging Tips

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Does your business ship products? If so, you've probably already spent some time designing your own packaging or ordering from suppliers. 

Your business packaging can have an impact on your overall brand recognition. If done well, your products' visual presentation can translate into more sales and loyal customers. 

When it comes to small business packaging, there are several top tips you need to know. You can check our guide to small business packaging by reading on. 

1. Don't Cut Corners on Quality 

Whether you design your packaging from scratch or choose from an already manufactured line, be sure your work is made from the best materials. While it may be tempting to go with the least expensive options, good quality is always non-negotiable. 

You want your customers to receive their purchases intact. So don't use flimsy cardboard boxes or bubble envelopes if sturdy, double-walled, corrugated shipper boxes would be a better choice. 

2. Use Packaging to Promote Your Brand 

Besides getting orders to their intended location, your business packaging should advertise for you. One of the best small business packaging tips is to use it to display your logo, company colors, business slogan, and the overall visual design you want to be known for. 

You could also print your web address and photos from your catalog on the outside of your boxes. Turning your packaging into a collectible set is another way to create "the look" you are striving for. 

3. Be Creative With Your Small Business Packaging 

Creativity is the secret to standing out from the rest of the branding crowd. If you can design something that is truly eye-catching or unique, customers will be drawn to your company just for the novelty. 

You could start from scratch and design packaging that has never been made. Or, you could take packaging that already exists, but use it in a new way. Perusing the catalog of a well-known packaging supplier will show you what you can adapt to your own designs. 

Here are a few examples of truly unique and innovative packaging, to help inspire you. 

House-shaped Packaging 

What could be more charming than a house-shaped box for packaging sweet treats or gift items? Customers would find it intriguing and might decide to collect all the "models" in your product line. 

Printable Packaging Tape 

Printable packaging tape lets you add your message in a way that "pops". It's super versatile. You can add your logo, doodles, word art, photos, and anything else that you think will set your boxes apart from your competition. 

Gem-shaped Gift Boxes 

Diamond-shaped gift boxes could be used very effectively in your marketing campaign. Get creative with this- it's possible to add a little humor in addition to the novelty. 

Packaging With Clear Windows 

Strategically placed clear windows can show off the inside of your box or bag in a way that outlines your product creatively. 

For example, you could design a candy bag printed with a hand drawing. The candy would show through, making the hand look like it's holding candy in its palm. 

Clear windows in packaging also work well for cosmetics, art supplies, and whenever you want to give customers a sneak peek. 

Cookies in a Stove-Top Box 

The "oven box" for cookie delivery is another example of a unique and fascinating design that customers will find delightful. 

4. Research the Competition 

The best way to be truly original is to research what other companies are doing, then try something different. You could order products from your competitors and see what kind of packaging they arrive in. 

Or, see if their websites have photos of their packaged products. Ask friends to save their old packaging and let you take a look. If you want to try a hands-on approach, gather various found packaging materials, and experiment with shapes and textures. 

You could also look at the cutting edge ideas showcased in design school portfolios. Students of design tend to use the latest materials and innovative concepts, so design schools are a great place to search for brand new ideas. 

5. Invest in a Professional Package Designer 

Once you come up with a concept for your packaging, finalize it with input from an expert. Online research is always helpful, but it has its limitations. 

Professional packaging designers, on the other hand, will know things about how to package products, use die-cutting, and follow manufacturing standards that expedite the design process. 

Hiring a professional package designer will let you round out your concept and produce a truly high-quality, polished result you can be proud of. 

Hiring a design professional doesn't have to be an expensive or long-term commitment, either. You can always use a freelancer site to find a good graphic designer who specializes in package design and pay them on a per-project basis. 

6. Don't Overdo It 

Sometimes it's challenging to come up with new ideas that actually work, whether they're for packaging or anything else. 

When you're working on new packaging ideas, keep in mind that you have to be realistic. Your ideas should be innovative, unique, affordable, and easy to make. 

Also, there's something to be said for simplicity in business packaging. There's a fine line between being catchy and noticeable, and being garish and impractical. Sometimes less is more! 

7. Protect Your Intellectual Property 

Any time your company originates something, you should protect your intellectual property. This of course applies to your packaging design and packaging methods. 

You can patent actual packaging devices, as well as methods for packaging if you think of a new way. Just be sure no one can steal your ideas. 

Keep Up With Current Packaging Trends and More 

Your choice in small business packaging will help your business stand out from the crowd. We hope you have enjoyed this article and want to invite you to read through the rest of our site. 

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