Liu Qiangdong Of Has Brought A New Dawn For China Logistics

liu quiangdong ceo china logistics

Liu Qiangdong is the initiator and current CEO of JD Logistics. JD Logistics is an affiliate of the Beijing-based Inc. Inc is China-based e-commerce and direct sale firm specializing in the sale of appliances, communication gadgets, computers, garments, household items, and books. JD Logistics deals with the transportation and storage of the purchased products. Liu Qiangdong is also the establisher of Jingdong Trading Company and served as its CEO of Beijing up to April 2020. 

Liu Qiangdong is a Bachelor's degree graduate from the Renmin University of China and an MBA graduate from China Europe International Business School. Liu grew from a humble background as they lived in a remote village in Jiangsu, China, where his parents worked as rice farmers. Liu looked after his aged maternal grandmother when his parents were at work, who taught him how to take advantage of life's current opportunities. Even at a young age, Liu was very innovative as he came up with using hot water to separate pork fat from the pan to use it in preparing soup. Liu had a lot of ambitions of succeeding in life since his childhood. There was a time that he even admired becoming the village head when he became an adult. 

His thirst for traveling made him only apply for colleges and universities in the big cities. After joining the prestigious Renmin University, Liu Qiangdong enrolled in extra classes in Computer Programming. The programming course made him a computer pro, and he became more marketable. He secured a job while still at the university. He was able to save enough to buy his personal computer and a mobile phone. Liu also had a new house constructed for his parents. 

Building a world-leading e-commerce platform was not a walk in the park for Liu Qiangdong. He has had many failures in other endeavors he took. He opened a restaurant at the gate of the university, but it closed down within one year. He put a lot of trust in his employees, who stole from the restaurant making the enterprise bankrupt. However, his passion for owning a business would make him start later after completing his university studies. 

At first, Liu Qiangdong of worked for Japan Life before starting his venture, Jingdong, to distribute magneto-optical products. Although his competitors sold cheap counterfeit goods, Liu Qiangdong embarked on selling quality products at an affordable price. His commitment made the venture grow tremendously across Beijing, Shenyang, and Shanghai. only started as a retail store, but in 2003 it transitioned to the brand globally known today. Liu Qiangdong took advantage of the 2003 SAR epidemic and began posting his products online. The e-commerce idea became very successful, and he officially launched the online platform in 2004. In a year, he decided to close the in-store business and sell online solely. 

In 2007, Liu Qiangdong started the JD Logistics after realizing that there was not even a single firm in China logistics sector that could deliver items to clients situated in different parts of the country. had grown, and it needed a wing that would transport its products to clients. In 2014, JD Logistics had more than 3210 pick-up stations serving its more than a billion clients. Amazon had to copy the delivery model by and established its logistic firm in the US. focused on buying products from manufacturers and selling them directly to consumers and retailers while using their logistic system, JD Logistics. 

JD Logistics has entered into a new partnership with EPAL pallets to transform the China logistics sector. EPAL will use the JD Cloud Box, a logistics transaction platform, to improve pallet manufacturing and distribution efficiency. EPAL products will be integrated into the JD Logistic operations, improving the national and cross- border supply chain's efficiency.

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