How Do I Update My Amazon Inventory?

how to update amazon inventory seller account stock management

As a seller on Amazon, your products reach a potential 600 million people around the world. For them to sell at an adequate pace, you need to manage your directory the right way. 

Let's talk about how an Amazon inventory affects the success of your business and your bottom line. 

A proper inventory management strategy improves the accuracy of your order log. When you know how things are moving, you know how much product to keep in the warehouse. 

Stocking the appropriate amount of products keeps the warehouse organized. In the end, good inventory management increases productivity, saves time, and makes you money. Are you new to running an Amazon store and wondering how to update your Amazon inventory? 

We have got your back Amazon sellers. Read this quick 4-step guide for the win on! 

1. How to Update Your Amazon Inventory 

Step One: Log in To make any changes to the inventory in your account you first need to log in. Logging in gives you access to your dashboard and menu bars. 

On your seller dashboard, you will see these drop downs on the menu bar: 

• Inventory 
• Catalog 
• Orders 
• Pricing 
• Performance 
• Reports 

Hover over inventory and select it to get the ball rolling on your seller account. 

2. Manage the Inventory Page 

Once you select the inventory page, a host of options appear on the screen. The first is the search listings. 

From here, you can search for products you have stored in your inventory. To use this feature, click inside the search box. To find the product you need to type in the product title, SKU number, or ISBN. 

You can type in other general information as well, but these bring up what you need faster. When you finish, press search. 

3. Filter Your Search 

Depending on the size of your inventory, your search may bring back a lot of research. Searches often bring up the exact product or products with similar attributes. 

Use the filter option to narrow the search down. 

If this is an active item, select active. This will suppress all inactive inventory in your search. Do the same for inactive products in the inventory. You can also filter for products listed with quality concerns or pricing issues. 

Select the product you want to update for a more current in stock quantity. 

If you need to dig further into the inventory, use the sort and customize options. These options allow you to sort the search results, narrowing your preferences. 

4. Update the Quantity 

Once you make a product selection, a quantity field opens up next to the item. Type in the accurate quantity number, then press save. 

If you want to change the price, you can do it here as well. Locate the price field, type in the new, and hit save. Once you have done this, you can log out or press the X in your browser window. 

If you don't have time for this process, use another Amazon inventory management option for ecommerce excellence. 

Manage Your Money Maker 

Proper Amazon inventory management keeps your bottom line strong. Don't fall behind the competition. Consider this Amazon inventory guide and manage your e-commerce products the right way. 

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