How To Seamlessly Update Your Business Tech

how to update business tech upgrade company technology

Over the years, it has become clear that some businesses have struggled to keep up to date with the ever-changing technology market. In fact, it is estimated that more than one in three employees believe their company’s technology is outdated, with a need for firmware updates

Why Should You Update Your Technology? 

Older technology not only looks unprofessional or outdated, but it can also affect the security of your data. This applies to both hardware and software. Both hardware and software updates can contain critical things that can plug holes in security. 

This can make you lose potential customers, and it can also leave you open to cyber hacking. Over the course of this year, there were over 7300 cases of data being compromised, an increase on last year. 

How To Seamlessly Update Your Business Tech 

So, now you know why this is so important, maybe you are looking to upgrade some of your business’s technological infrastructure. However, this process can seem very daunting and look pretty expensive. 

There are some ways in which you can update your technology without breaking the bank. Its all about knowing where to invest your money, and on what product, without cutting any corners. These tips will help you to find cost effective solutions which suit you, and will cause you the least amount of stress and disruption. 

1. Cloud Telephony 

Instead of upgrading to a whole new PBX system, involving all those chunky handsets and wiring, why not look into cloud-based phone solutions. These cloud telephony packages like voice, data and mobile services by Gamma can be integrated into your pre-existing infrastructure, making your old equipment new again! 

These cloud-based phone services allow you to use your computer or smartphone as a business phone by using an app or web portal. As it is all online it can be installed instantly and seamlessly, allowing your employees to work from home as easily as working from the office. 

2. Integration 

Think about packages which could integrate pre-existing software or hardware into one solution. This could be a separate application which combines many services, or it could be an application which has the ability to connect to others and ‘talk’ to them. 

Integration can take away the need for unnecessary apps, and it can also boost employee productivity. This is because it reduces the need for your employees to do repetitive menial tasks, which could be done by an automated synchronising system. 

3. Ensure Your Company’s Security 

Keeping your company’s, consumer’s and employee’s data safe must be your number one priority. Businesses have a duty of care to people to keep their data safe, and you can get into trouble if you have neglected to put necessary security measures in place. 

Security has always been an added bonus, but in the age of the internet it is absolutely necessary. By ensuring that your business technology is routinely updated, complete with bug fixes and software updates, you can make what might seem old new again.

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