How To Register A Company In The Netherlands Online

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Anyone can open a company in Netherlands, but the procedure may vary depending on whether you need a visa or work permit – in other words, whether you are a citizen of the EU or a third country. 

Who Can Open A Company In The Netherlands? 

Selling products or services in an online shop (called a WEBSHOP in the Netherlands) involves much more work than building a website. You must register your company with the Commercial Register in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK), register your domain name, keep records and pay income tax and VAT (BTW). 

When you start to register a company in the Netherlands, you will need to follow various rules and regulations, including online sales. You can use this checklist to determine which responsibilities you have to fulfill quickly. If you are going to open a company in the Netherlands, you have to meet several conditions. If you are not an EU citizen, you will need a residence permit. 

Make sure you have an IBAN account. If you open a company in the Netherlands, you will need a Business Bank Account (IBAN). If you are not from the EUROPE, you may need to apply. The Dutch Banking Association has created a quick scan to help you determine if you are eligible. 

Register Your Domain Name (URL Or Internet Address)

You must apply for a domain name registrar and purchase a domain name. The name must be unique, and you need to respect other companies' copyrights, trademarks, and trade names. The registrar will submit a registration request on your behalf to the organization that manages the domain names. 

Find Out What Taxes You Need To Pay

If your online shop is a source of income, the tax administration will most likely see you as a business for income tax. You will then have to pay tax on your company's profits. As a business, you may be entitled to an income tax deduction. If you are doing business within the EU, you need to pay VAT (BTW) on most products and services. Three VAT rates (0%, 9%, and 21%) Netherlands have when you open a Netherlands company. 

You can get discounts on some goods and services. You do not pay VAT yourself. Instead, you charge it back to your customers and then transfer it to the tax administration office. If you provide goods or services to a Business Client (B2B) within the EU, the VAT rate is 0%. Your client is then responsible for reverse charging VAT on your product. 

Provide Clear Information On Your Website

Your website must identify your company. In addition to your address details, you must provide your Netherlands business registration number and your VAT number. You also need to inform customers about your product price and features, payment method, order process, warranty, cooling-off period, and delivery details. 

Register And Run Your New Business Right

This article provides you with complete information regarding the registration of a company online, so that you don't have any problems when you want to open a company in Netherlands. Good luck registering, opening, and running your new NL company!

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