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The cryptocurrency revolution that we are now witnessing is a great way to go against the financial elite establishment of billionaires and its unfair rules to the working class. While most still buy bitcoin for nothing but its monetary potential or speculation, other forward-thinking people are already seeing the end of the tunnel. 

Blockchain Technology And BTC

Bitcoin has the potential to replace the US dollar and become the first decentralized global currency. Of course, this is possible through blockchain technology, which lists each and every transaction on a transparent ledger while keeping the sender and receiver anonymous. Learn more about blockchain technology by visiting right now. 

We are already seeing governments fight this “pseudo-anonymous” concept by whitelisting as many wallets as possible. Yet, the crypto crowd seems to be winning. 

That said, if you have been a lurker of the markets and an observer to everything that is happening, you might want to finally take the leap and join. That’s exactly why we wrote this article. In the next few chapters you will find what you can do, from the comfort of your home, to join this peaceful revolution, and give power back to the people. Let’s delve into how to join the blockchain revolution

Purchase Bitcoin - Buy BTC Big Time

Seems pretty obvious right to buy BTC? Yet most people don’t understand the true reason behind buying bitcoin. Some are ever worried that the popular cryptocurrency may still go to zero. All this, while institutions are mass-hoarding Bitcoin and taking it off exchanges. 

It is important to realize that you buy Bitcoin to be part of the revolution, not to make a few quick bucks. While the coins are still available on exchange platforms, the large purchases from Wall Street will eventually lead to a supply shock, which in this case means “no more bitcoin to sell”. Once this happens we will see a massive spike in cryptocurrency prices, and it is best that you are there to witness it. 

These spikes will not be purely demand-driven. It is important to understand that the increased valuation of Bitcoin comes in line with the devaluation of the dollar, which will occur due to the large numbers of inflation. Even a few Satoshis can make you a warrior of this revolution, giving you leverage to the future of the economy. 

You are also seeing cryptocurrency values fluctuate due to platforms like Robinhood, Reddit, and Twitter with retail investors creating major waves. 

Learn A Cryptocurrency Related Skill 

The hiring scene in the crypto industry is still somewhat underdeveloped. Many professionals still label the industry as gambling-related, and too volatile to lead to a secure job. And while their worries are justified, the potential upsides of being part of it are there as well. One could say that joining a cryptocurrency firm right now is like getting an internet-related job back in the 1990s. It's a red hot industry and the wild west of finance in a lot of ways.

It is also good to know that the industry is no longer looking only for technical job positions. Due to the growth of product availability and audience segments, you can now explore many other positions, including community management, KYC / AML officers, graphic designers, marketers, technical project management, and others. And all of these roles are not so much about studies and degrees, but more about experience and passion. So even an internship at this point could work wonders for getting into the cryptocurrency industry

Choose To Get Paid In Bitcoin 

If you happen to be a merchant, it might be a good idea to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. There are many different ways of doing so, some easier than others, but your efforts could lead to many benefits. First and foremost, you could start collecting Bitcoin without having to buy it yourself. Secondly, you open up your offer to a completely new target group that will be happy to promote your business in their own circles. Finally, you will experience just how easy and fast you can make transactions on the Bitcoin network, which should lead to an elimination of stress for payment delays, invoicing overload, and others. 

The first way to get paid in Bitcoin, and the one most people choose, is through a payment widget, like BitPay or Coinbase Commerce. The widget acts as a middleman between you and the customer and takes a small commission (±2%) for the transaction. The buyer pays using cryptocurrency, and the receiver gets US dollars or any other fiat currency in their bank account. This allows your business to continue its normal operations, all while your customers can choose to buy using BTC or other crypto. 

Accept Crypto Payments Directly

The second way is to accept cryptocurrency payment directly. Merchants create checkout pages that show the amount that needs to be paid for an order, the QR code of their wallet, and all the payment details the buyer should know about. The buyer will then scan the code and make a payment directly from their wallet. With this method, the merchant receives payment in cryptocurrency, which they can choose to hold onto in order to experience its appreciation in value. 

Join The Blockchain Revolution Today 

The creation of mainstream cryptocurrency just over a decade ago has become a global revolt against the billionaires running Wall Street and the global economy. Buy and promote Bitcoin or other crypto coins and join the revolution!

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